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Chinese truck maker JAC gets 280 new orders for electric light trucks in Brazil

Pub Date:23-04-17 09:59 Source:www.jac.com.cn

From April 12 to 15, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva paid a state visit to China. During the visit, President Xi and President Lula witnessed the signing of bilateral cooperation documents covering trade and investment, digital economy, scientific and technological innovation, data communication, poverty reduction, quarantine, and aviation, as well as 20 business agreements between Brazilian and Chinese companies and public entities. These include “an announcement from Seara to purchase 280 electric light trucks from JAC Motors”.

Seara is the most well-known meat supplier in Brazil. It belongs to the world's largest multinational meat food processing company - a sub-brand of JBS, with a history of 65 years. In 2021, JBS had achieved an agreement with JAC Motors to purchase hundreds of electric light trucks, becoming one of the largest overseas group consumers of JAC electric light trucks.

With high-quality products, nationwide service, and professional service capabilities, JAC's electric light trucks have been recognized by many companies and entered their purchase catalog. The penetration rate of JAC’s electric light trucks in Brazil is 100%, and it has won the favor of many Fortune 500 companies such as DHL, Pepsi, Carrefour, and Nestle. Among them, more than 1,000 units were exported to Brazil’s single market, helping green and low-carbon travel in Brazil.

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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