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2024 First Pickup Export Delivery Ceremony for Saudi Arabia Fleet Customer were held in JAC

Pub Date: 2024-02-01 09:07 Source:www.jac.com

Recently, 2024 First Pickup Export Delivery Ceremony & Batch Delivery Ceremony for Saudi Arabia Fleet Customer were held in JAC pickup factory, marking another key breakthrough in the export business of JAC pickup in Saudi Arabia and even the entire Gulf region. Zhang Peng, deputy general manager of JAC, Mr. Salah, general manager of JAC business of Alissa Group, and industry customer representatives attended the event.

As one of the co-construction countries of the "Belt and Road", Saudi Arabia has always been the most important overseas strategic market for JAC. At the same time, Saudi Arabia is also one of the hot destination countries for Chinese automobile brands to go overseas in recent years. There are more than 20 Chinese automobile brands entering the Saudi market, and the competition is extremely stimulating.

Since the signing of cooperation between JAC and Alissa Group in 2020, JAC has been adhering to the concept of mutual trust and win-win cooperation, and has continued to release a number of major products, which have been loved and supported by local consumers. Especially for pickup, the two sides grasped the development of industry customers in the incentive market competition, and achieved the impressive performance of more than 40% YOY growth of industry customers in 2023.

"In 2023, the sales of JAC pickup increased by an astonishing 99%. This is the result of the joint efforts of JAC and Alissa teams. At the same time, it is also the contribution of the excellent quality of the T8 itself and the trust of loyal and valuable industry customers," said Mr. Salah, "With the strong support of JAC team and major customers, we are strongly confident that we will achieve even better results in 2024."

A number of industry leading enterprises in Saudi Arabia also participated in the delivery ceremony. The service and spare parts director of the local Top 1 car rental Group Mr. Raed said, "JAC pickup owns stable quality and excellent performance, and JAC team and dealer team can provide good after-sales and spare parts protection to solve the worries. In the future, we will continue to increase the procurement and use of JAC pickup."

Zhang Peng said: "In the future, JAC will continue to strengthen the cooperation with Gulf partners, make more efforts around user demand, product development and brand sharing, strive for better development, and create more market breakthroughs."

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