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2023 Shanghai Auto Show 丨JAC Group's more new products will launch in the market

Pub Date:23-04-28 20:40 Source:www.jac.com.cn

During the auto show, under the guidance of the new brand strategy, JAC Group not only brought the brand-new MUSE co-creation of intelligent electric architecture and the comprehensive iterative MIS with the theme of "intelligence, strength and wisdom". Architecture and the world's second-generation pure electric platform - DI platform, to further improve the platform planning and strategic layout of intelligence and new energy. At the same time, the MUSE architecture concept car, the JAC QX PHEV developed based on the MIS architecture, and the first model of the DI platform, the EV 3, also met with the public for the first time. With the latest intelligent technology new products, it will bring a better driving experience to the majority of users.

The intelligent pickup, which took two years to develop, was officially released. With comprehensive passengerization, comprehensive intelligence, and a new co-creation model, it helps pickup truck users in the new era to easily open the full-scene pickup truck life.

At the event site, Ye Shengji, Chief Engineer of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Xiang Xingchu, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and General Manager of JAC Group Holding Company, Li Ming, General Manager of JAC Group Co., Ltd., Zhang Peng, Deputy General Manager of JAC Group Co., Ltd. Leaders attended to witness this important moment of JAC.

JAC also released the first MPV exclusive architecture of Chinese brands - MUSE co-creates the smart electric architecture, uses the original electric drive new energy power scheme, matches the top intelligent, information, and electric drive technology ecology, and realizes multi-space scenarios and enjoy a happy travelling.

JAC Refine RF-M, the first concept car based on the MUSE architecture, was also unveiled at the auto show. Based on the core needs of users, RF-M strives to create the value of two scenarios: multi-population family travel and multi-person business travel.

Hybrid and pure electric power together to accelerate the transition to intelligent electrification
During the Shanghai International Auto Show, JAC not only brought the newly released global second-generation pure electric platform - DI platform, but also released the JAC QX PHEV, the first model of the JAC hybrid series.

JAC QX PHEV is positioned as a more inductive hybrid vehicle. It is developed based on the front-drive PHEV platform in the MIS intelligent vehicle modular architecture. , a sense of safety experience, it has the characteristics of sensible pure electric design, knowable safety monitoring, available intelligent driving control, etc., and will become a veritable substitute for super-value fuel vehicles.

JAC plans to quickly deploy plug-in hybrid products in the three core markets of compact SUV, medium and large SUV, and compact car in the next year to continuously meet the diversified and differentiated needs of users.

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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