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Ankai Electric A6 Tourist Buses Delivered to Guangxi

Pub Date:24-05-07 09:38 Source:https://www.ankaiglobal.com

On April 23, a batch of Ankai pure electric A6s were delivered to the New Line Group Co., Ltd. again, helping the local area to create a tourist destination that visitors can visit whenever they want.


In order to enrich the content of various tourism activities and enhance the overall experience, New Line Company seized the opportunity to further expand its vehicle reserves, optimize travel services, improve tourist satisfaction, and boost the development of the tourism industry, allowing tourists to deeply feel the warmth and hospitality of "Guangxi Native".

Sustainable and high-quality tourism development requires consideration of image, path, and foundation. Currently, Guangxi is striving to polish its golden signboard of "beautiful ecology with clear waters and green mountains", writing a new chapter for the Chinese-style modernization of Guangxi, featuring harmonious coexistence between human and nature. New Line Company actively responds to this initiative, advocating a new green travel mode. The purchased Ankai A6 vehicles are all pure electrically driven, providing a smooth and comfortable ride.


With safety, reliability, efficiency, and environmental protection as its product characteristics, Ankai pure electric A6 has helped New Line Company build a green passenger transport system and continuously promoted the integration of urban and rural public transportation. This is the third time New Line Company has purchased this model. These newly purchased A6s will be put into research, study, and travel services in Nanning, Guilin, Baise, and other places, effectively promoting New Line Company's performance in Guangxi's passenger travel market.

The 11.3-meter Ankai pure electric A6 delivered to New Line Company this time is painted in a deep blue color, elegant and atmospheric. The whole vehicle adopts a low drag design, which is both fashionable and energy-saving, fitting perfectly with Guangxi's beautiful scenery, romantic scenery of the Beibu Gulf, and colorful ethnic culture.


The interior layout of the vehicle is elegant, warm, and comfortable. Equipped with an advanced Ankai internal environment management system and full support for NVH silent technology, it provides a comfortable and cozy environment for enjoying the scenery outside the window, closing one's eyes to rest, or focusing on reading.

This batch of A6s is equipped with an efficient permanent magnet synchronous electric drive system and lithium iron phosphate power battery, with an actual battery life of up to 400 kilometers. It has three major advantages: safety and reliability, high efficiency and energy saving, and intelligent control. The trifecta of intelligent management, including vehicle control, motor drive, and energy management, along with precise and optimized control strategies, achieves the best balance between vehicle dynamics, economy, and comfort, making it easy to traverse Guangxi's diverse and complex landscapes.

Editor:Qin Shuying

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