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Batch of Ankai buses delivered to Dominica

Pub Date: 2024-01-18 10:44 Source:www.ankaiglobal.com

On January 15, 50 Ankai buses were officially delivered to Dominican Republic.

At the ceremony, Ankai Bus handed over the keys of the new buses to the local customers, opening the prelude for both sides to continue to deepen cooperation and create a better future. With the operation of this batch of vehicles, local residents will have a new experience of more comfortable and convenient public travel.

The body lines of these buses are fashionable and elegant, the body paint is bright and colorful, and the interior design is pretty unique. Adhering to the “safer, cozier, and healthier” driving space design concept, the vehicles use soft, high-back knitted fabric seats, which are extremely comfortable and makes people feel more intimate.

The Dominican Republic has a tropical climate with small annual changes in temperature, but due to the mountainous terrain, the annual precipitation is large, resulting in high temperatures and high humidity all year round. In order to ensure that the product performance can be more in line with the actual local operational needs, Ankai Bus has made sufficient preparations in terms of vehicle stability and reliability. The 50 buses delivered this time have undergone full-immersion electrophoresis of the entire skeleton, which is highly resistant to salt spray, humidity and heat, and can easily cope with the local climate environment.

All along, Ankai bus has been focusing on the internationalization strategy of “creating a global brand and being the Ankai of the world” to deeply lay out the overseas market, and has won the high recognition of customers with its excellent product quality and technical strength. The 50 buses delivered this time, with strong strength and high reputation, will effectively improve the commuting experience of students in various regions of Santo Domingo, and help the place gradually build a complete national student transportation system.

In the future, Ankai Bus will further contribute to the public transportation cause of Dominican Republic, and help the local people enjoy the convenience and comfort of beautiful public travel with customized high-performance products and three-dimensional solutions.

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