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JAC Vietnam’s customer story “Golden and Wealthy Key” was awarded as top 100 excellent brand stories by SASAC

Pub Date:23-08-01 08:56 Source:www.jac.com.cn

Recently, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) announced the list of brand building practice cases and brand stories collected among state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in 2022, and the Vietnam’s customer story "Golden and Wealthy Key" submitted by JAC was awarded as top 100 excellent brand stories.


A total of 586 brand building practices cases and 777 brand stories submitted by central enterprises and local SOEs was collected. In the end, 100 typical cases and 100 excellent brand stories with a good demonstration effect and learning significance were selected, reflecting the responsibility and unremitting pursuit of SOEs in the creation of outstanding brands.


This award-winning story tells about that with the help of JAC light-duty truck, a young couple in Vietnam not only to improve a better life of themselves, but also drive the village to get richer together. JAC insists on transmitting large energy with a small story, and combines the unique customs of Southeast Asia with the warm and upward brand personality, showing that in the new era, the SOEs are willing to assume new cultural mission, and actively create new concept and ideas of core value and brand culture.


As the earliest Chinese auto brand that entered the Southeast Asian market, JAC has deeply cultivated the Vietnamese market for more than 10 years focusing on users, products, brands, and localized production and operations. It provides real employment opportunities for the Vietnamese people, fully showing the practical efforts and results of the local economic and social development of Chinese companies that help the country.


In the future, JAC will continue to tell brand stories, spread Chinese voices, and transport warm and firm power to create a "Chinese Auto Brand" being trusted by millions of overseas users.

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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