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530 Units Ankai Buses Join Public Transport Network in Saudi Arabia

Pub Date:24-04-10 15:36 Source:https://www.ankaiglobal.com

On April, 3, a grand ceremony was held to mark the departure of 530 units Ankai buses to Saudi Arabia. With the arrival of these Ankai buses in the Middle East country, they will be immediately put into operation, serving different travel purposes for students, pilgrims and commuters. Meanwhile, Ankai is set to further strengthen its presence in local market.

Among the 530 units Ankai buses, N8 luxury coaches are seen as the most prominent. Built on the huge success of its predecessors, N8 has a super large compartment and is equipped with the latest generation drivetrain, achieving the highest fuel economy. With meticulous attention to every smallest detail on board, it is just awe-inspiring.

Particularly targeted at the high-end passenger transportation and business reception market, Ankai N8 provides much better views for both drivers and passengers. Readily adaptable to the harsh working conditions, it further raises the bar for the high-end transportation market in Saudi Arabia.

To meet the special needs and requirements of local bus operators, Ankai N8 has tailor-made electronically-controlled curtains, highly efficient air-conditioning system + the fifth generation PM1.0 Internal Health System, atmospheric lamps, high durable furnishing materials, etc., all of which go beyond passengers’ expectations for travel comforts.

As one of the pioneering countries in supporting and participating in Belt & Road Initiative, Saudi Arabia boasts a fast growing demand for luxury buses & coaches. Since 2007, Ankai has been making relentless efforts to strengthen its presence in the country and has so far made impressive achievements. With highly reliable and highly energy-efficient bus & coach products, Ankai readily adapts to the needs and requirements of bus operators in Saudi Arabia. According to statistics, Ankai is currently the leading bus brand in the country with over 10,000 units Ankai city buses, luxury coaches, school buses and travel coaches working smoothly in its public transport sector.


Fully committed to upgrading public transport in both urban and rural areas across the globe, Ankai enables millions of passengers worldwide to enjoy greener and more convenient transportation services. Since the start of 2024, the bus maker has secured several major bus orders from the international market, including one for electric double-deckers from France.

Editor:Qin Shuying

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