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JAC A0 electric passenger car e-JS1 received the “2023 Best Resale Value” title

Pub Date:23-05-24 11:33 Source:www.jac.com.cn

Recently, the JAC A0 electric passenger car e-JS1 received the "2023 Best Resale Value" title awarded by Brazilian company Kelley Blue Book (KBB).

With a history of over a century, KBB, headquartered in california, USA, is one of the world's oldest second-hand car companies and one of the most authoritative vehicle valuation agencies. The Company has rich experience and profound technical strength in second-hand car valuation. Its kelley blue book, first released in 1926, serves as an important standard for determining the value of cars in the global auto industry.

According to KBB's valuation, e-JS1 has the highest resale value in the Brazil's second-hand EV market. Its depreciation rate in the first year is only 7%, much lower than the 15% average in the Brazilian second-hand EV market, while its resale value is much higher than that of many first-tier luxury cars.

e-JS1 was released in batch in the Brazilian market in 2021 and soon became popular among local end users for its stylish appearance, rich intelligent features and strong after-sales service. Currently, the vehicle holds a relatively high market share, with the end sales volume ranking second in Brazil's electric passenger car market.

With users as the center, JAC will constantly update and innovate, and together with global users, we will meet with green, follow the beauty, and contribute Chinese automotive brand wisdom to the world.

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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