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Grand opening of 2023 HELI Global Distributor Conference!

Pub Date:23-11-10 09:48 Source:www.heliforklift.com

On the morning of November 7th, the opening ceremony of the 2nd HELI Global Distributor Conference of "WITH HELI, SHAPING A SMARTER FUTURE " was successfully held, and nearly 400 overseas distributors officially kicked off their three-day conference trip!

(Dealers signing the sign-in board)

The conference attracted widespread attention from all walks of life and the industry, and the opening ceremony was full of guests and the main venue was bustling! HELI invited the Hefei municipal government, industry associations and company leaders to give welcome speeches for the distributors who came from afar, meanwhile, HELI Brazil dealer were specially invited to share their touching experiences of growing together with HELI.

(Opening ceremony scene)

During the ceremony, HELI also showed the theme video of the conference - "The Road", which tells the beautiful story of the common struggle between HELI and the distributors all over the world.

After the opening ceremony, the distributors departed to HELI headquarters to take a group photo to capture this unforgettable moment after a four-year absence.

(Company leaders and dealers shaked hands)

HELI opened a 6,000㎡ product exhibition in the factory, displaying AGV product, lithium-ion product, hydrogen fuel cell forklift and component, etc., allowing the distributors to experience the HELI’s changes at close range and in an all-round way. In the exhibition hall, the distributors were in high spirits and constantly communicating and interacting with the technicians, immersing in the charm of HELI's products.

(Dealers visited the showroom)

During the conference, the distributors also visited the production workshop and witnessed how forklifts are transformed from components to complete trucks. HELI also organized product presentations,demonstrations and sub-forums to provide a platform for distributors to communicate and learn from each other.

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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