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Dialogue · 2024 Horasis China Forum Conference

Pub Date:24-05-07 10:08 Source:https://jacen.jac.com.cn

The Horasis China Meeting 2024 with the theme of "Looking To The Future" opened on April 15 in Binh Duong province, attracting about 700 participants including domestic and foreign economic experts and senior leaders and representatives of Vietnamese and Chinese enterprises. Tran Hong Ha, Deputy Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Nguyen Van Loi, Secretary of the Binh Duong Provincial Party Committee, Xiong Meng, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of CFIE, Wei Huaxiang, Chinese Consul General to Ho Chi Minh City, Dr. Jonathan K. S. Choi, Chairman of Sunwah Group also presented at the Meeting, together with leaders of various ministries and commissions of Vietnam, leaders of and business representatives from Ho Chi Minh City and provinces in the Southeast Region. On behalf of JAC Vietnam Auto Joint-stock Company, Ford Huang attended the meeting and delivered a speech.


At the meeting, representatives of various enterprises held active discussions and exchanges on topics such as the "Economic Outlook for China, Vietnam and the World", "Current and Future Investment", Using the "Chinese Concept" to Enhance Asia's Development Plan", "Status and Prospects of Investment in Vietnam", sharing their own experience and insights on investment from China in Vietnam and the joint development of China and Vietnam.


"The Horasis China Meeting 2024 would create an opportunity for all parties to share vision, seek opportunities, and strengthen cooperation in innovation, sustainable development, and science and technology, and promote the spirit of "seizing new opportunities and developing together in an all-round way", Tran Hong Ha, Deputy Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, said at the meeting. The meeting, as a good opportunity to show Binh Duong Province to foreign-funded enterprises, would effectively promote the strategic pace of Binh Duong Province and even Vietnam to attract foreign investment. The Vice Premier also noted that a series of important initiatives and propositions would be proposed at the dialogue held during the meeting to help the government and enterprises jointly formulate adaptive policies, promote global economic integration, strengthen alignment and cooperation, and achieve common development goals.


Mr. Huang attended the meeting on behalf of JAC and delivered a keynote speech titled "Setting a benchmark for China-Vietnam cooperation to promote new development in Asia". "China, the world’s second largest economy, and Vietnam, an emerging economy in ASEAN, have achieved fruitful results in cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative and other major international projects", Ford Huang said, he also pointed out that JAC Group is not only an important player in China's auto industry, but also one of the first Chinese auto companies "going global". It has set a benchmark for bilateral regional cooperation and played a key demonstration role. JAC Group established the first overseas CKD factory in Vietnam. After more than ten years of development, it has now built JAC into a LCV brand ranking third among all brands in Vietnam and first among China-invested brands. 


Ford Huang put forward three cooperation prospects for China-Vietnam cooperation, namely, "sharing responsibilities", "addressing challenges" and "sharing opportunities". Moreover, he also made the following suggestions on the China-Vietnam cooperation and development in the automobile industry: Firstly, Establish a China-Vietnam Automobile Industry Innovation and Development Alliance to promote information sharing and technical exchanges; secondly, increase the intensity of open cooperation to boost the joint R&D and market development of the two countries in the field of new energy vehicles and intelligent connected vehicles, and strengthen the alignment between Chinese and Vietnamese auto industry standards to improve product quality and service levels together; Lastly, we will jointly cultivate compound internationalized talents to build a solid foundation for the development of the automobile industry in both countries.

As is known to all that the Horasis China Meeting is an important international conference aimed at promoting exchanges and cooperation between global and Chinese business circles, government officials, scholars and social leaders. The first meeting was officially held in 2016 and is held annually, covering a wide range of topics, including economic development investment, innovation, globalization and sustainable development. The first meeting was officially held in 2016 and is held annually, covering a wide range of topics, including economic development, investment, innovation, globalization and sustainable development.

Binh Duong Province, where this meeting was held, is a strong industrial province in Vietnam. The meeting highlighted the important position of Binh Duong Provinec and Vietanm in the "Going Globalstrategy of Chinese enterprises. As the leaders of China and Vietnam reached a strategic consensus on "jointly building a strategically significant China-Vietnam community with a shared future," is also provided an opportunity to future jointly promote the construction of Asian integration. To promote the strategic cooperation between China and Vietnam and establish an opportunity to move towards a new historical height.

Editor:Qin Shuying

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