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Ankai School Buses Safeguard Students' Travel on the Road

Pub Date:23-09-11 08:14 Source:www.ankaiglobal.com

As the autumn semester is approaching, Ankai recently delivered a batch of S9 school buses to Xiangrikui School Bus Operation (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Xiangrikui). After their arrival in the capital city, these new school buses will be immediately put into operation, providing safe and comfortable transportation services for school children.


As the third generation school bus, Ankai S9 has a reinforced body structure with higher resilience and strength. Equipped with a monocoque body structure, ABS, panoramic view system, intelligent bus management system, the school bus achieves higher safety standards and drives more smoothly. On board, it has ergonomically designed seats and fire-resistant and environmentally friendly seating materials, creating a comfortable traveling environment for students.


Since its establishment, Xiangrikui has always been committed to improving the travel safety for school students. So far, it has set up long-term cooperation ties with a number of renowned international schools, kindergartens, etc.


As one of the leading school bus makers in China, Ankai has successfully developed a wide spectrum of school buses with a length measuring from 5.5-meter t0 11-meter and with seat number ranging from 19 to 56 for its customers. Boasting a number of cutting-edge technologies, Ankai is the among the first batch of bus makers qualified for the production of school buses. In addition, it has established a well-connected after-sales service network, fully ensuring the timely services for its customers.

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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