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HBMG build the first unattended lab in coal industry

Pub Date:23-03-31 08:40 Source:www.hbcoal.com

Recently, Huaibei Mining Group’s intelligent test system for coal has been implemented in Zhuxianzhuang Plant. The coal testing system has effectively transitioned from traditional manual testing to intelligent and automatic testing. The whole process is unattended to avoid human interference. And the system has surpassed the precision and bias requirements of the national standard for coal quality routine test items.

This photo shows the intelligent test system for coal

Since robots completed the coal analysis process, the efficiency of each shift has increased by 50%, and the testing time has been reduced by 40% compared with the previous manual testing. Moreover, the whole process avoids human interference, so the accuracy of the analysis results has dramatically improved, which has achieved the original purpose of the design. The completion and operation of the system mark that the coal inspection and testing work of Huaibei Mining Group has stepped into the era of intelligence and stimulated new momentum for the enterprise's green, low-carbon, and intellectual development.

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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