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HELI:Another big order for Southeast Asia!

Pub Date:23-07-03 09:28 Source:www.heliforklift.com

Nearly 100 of the customer's vehicles have been shipped to Southeast Asia.

Heli is the world's leading forklift company, serving more than 150 countries worldwide and covering almost every industry.

The client in Southeast Asia is a leading company in the local metallurgical industry, whose main business is the production of recycled metals and metal raw materials.

Considering the customer's usage scenario and intensity of use, we provided three series of 12 models with tonnage ranging from 2.5 to 7 tonnes.

Heli's product range is diverse and reliable, meeting the complex needs of this customer. We look forward to see that Heli's products operate in Southeast Asia and contribute to local economic development!

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Editor:Li Ruichuan

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