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Ankai Pure Electric Double-Decker Buses Exported to France in Batch

Pub Date:24-04-08 15:10 Source:https://www.ankaiglobal.com

On the morning of March 26, the departure ceremony for the batch export of Ankai pure electric double-decker sightseeing buses to France was held in Hefei.

A total of 20 Ankai pure electric double-decker sightseeing buses will be exported to France this time and will be put into operation in Paris, the "City of Romance", to provide green, environmentally friendly, and comfortable travel services for tourists from around the world, while supporting the green transformation and sustainable development of local public transportation.

At the departure ceremony, Zhang Haiyang, General Manager of Ankai Bus International Marketing Company, delivered the new keys to France customer. This is also the third time that Ankai pure electric double-decker sightseeing buses have been exported to France, further demonstrating the strength of "Made in China".

The pure electric double-decker buses exported to France this time are representative models tailored by Ankai specifically for tourist cities. The length of the vehicle is 12 meters, divided into two floors. The upper floor adopts a semi-open design, which is not only fashionable and cool, but also allows tourists to have a 360-degree view and enjoy an immersive sightseeing experience. The lower floor adopts a low floor and wheelchair area design, which is convenient and humane, meeting the travel needs of different passengers.


It is worth mentioning that the bus is also equipped with an eight-language voice synchronization system including English, French, Italian, and Spanish, providing convenient travel services for tourists from around the world, and will become an ideal travel tool for tourists to visit Paris.

In fact, Ankai double-decker sightseeing buses have long become a beautiful name card for Chinese buses to go overseas. As early as 2012, 20 Ankai double-decker sightseeing buses were put into operation on the tourism gold line in London, shining brightly during the London Olympics and demonstrating the charm of Chinese manufacturing. From the 2012 London Olympics to the 2024 Paris Olympics, from traditional fuel to new energy, Ankai Bus continues to use its strength to reach the "European Highlands", which is also the fruit of the company's adherence to long-termism and innovation.

"In recent years, Ankai Bus has continuously accelerated its 'going overseas', and its products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, etc." Zhang Haiyang said that in the future, Ankai Bus will continue to adhere to technological leadership and quality priority, maintain a steady and sure attitude, and continue to cultivate overseas markets with more high-end, environmentally friendly, and intelligent bus products, contributing more Chinese solutions to global green travel.

Editor:Qin Shuying

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