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JAC’s flagship model JS6, successfully launched in Kazakhstan

Pub Date:23-03-03 08:58 Source:jacen.jac.com.cn

Recently, JAC’s flagship model JS6, the first SUV developed based on MIS architecture, successfully launched in Kazakhstan, once again attracting great attention from local mainstream media and users.

The launch ceremony was carried out in an atmosphere full of high-tech and avant-garde, which greatly fitted the young and energetic brand character of JAC and the product positioning of JS6 as a high-end intelligent SUV. JAC invited nearly 200 guests to attend the ceremony, including industry media, well-known Internet influencer, partners, and key users.

Mr. Tim Mustafayev, a well-known Internet influencer, gave an in-depth introduction to JS6 from the perspective of user thinking, which established a new model for product promotion. At the same time, the JS6 attracted widespread attention from end users for its dynamic shape, intelligent technology, excellent control, and extensive configuration, truly living up to people’s expectations of affordable cars.

Following the global launch of JS6 and the launch of JS6 in Chile, Peru and other secondary stations, the successful launch of JS6 in Kazakhstan not only further expanded the new channels of JS6 in the overseas markets, enriched JAC’s product matrix in the Kazakhstan market, but also provided a more cost-effective product choice and a higher-value travel experience for the people of Kazakhstan.

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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