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JAC with star models exhibited in 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

Pub Date:24-05-11 16:01 Source:https://jacen.jac.com.cn

On 25th April, 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition officially kicked off with the theme of "Driving to Smart Mobility".

As a representative of China's independent auto brands, JAC Group, with the theme of "Great Intelligence, JAC In China", presented its Technology Vision Concept Vehicle, as well as the RF8 Harmony Edition, the all-new pickup EV, JS8 Hybrid, and E30X during the exhibition to create the ultimate diversified travelling experience for users.


Xiang Xingchu, chairman and general manager of JAC Group Holding, Li Ming, general manager of JAC Group, Zhang Peng, vice general manager of JAC Group, as well as representatives from Huawei, CATL, Horizon Robotics, iFLYTEK , Tencent, ZF, and SINO EV technologies and other partners, were all in attendance, witnessing this important moment for JAC Group.


As the first model launched by JAC Group based on China's first MPV exclusive architecture---MUSE architecture, RF8 Harmony Edition was officially launched during the Beijing Auto Show, making it China's first MPV equipped with Huawei automotive system.


RF8 Harmony Edition is equipped with Huawei's 15.6-inch 2K intelligent centre control screen, and the human-machine interface adopts the native Harmony design, which is simple and efficient. With the powerful distributed technology of the Harmony system, RF8 Harmony Edition supports the wireless connection of Huawei devices such as smartphones and smartwatches with the car. Mobile phones can also wirelessly cast the screen and support the reverse control of the car machine, breaking the boundaries between mobile phones and cars.


The excellent Huawei automotive system provides users with a superior intelligent cockpit experience. In addition, RF8 Harmony Edition is also equipped with AR-HUD as standard, which forms a 3D display of navigation and driving assistance information, effectively solving the problems of traditional HUD such as unclear display of complex road conditions and poor interactivity; and it is equipped with Comfort Cabin as standard, which upgrades all aspects of seat functions. At the same time, the new product has upgraded the acoustic package, chassis tuning and intelligent driving, realizing the intelligent experience and driving experience in a comprehensive way.


On the occasion of the first anniversary of the release of JAC Group's brand strategy of "Guiding Intelligence with Intelligence", JAC Group's new Technology Vision Concept Vehicle was unveiled during the Beijing Auto Show.


The Technology Vision Concept Vehicle is the concrete result of the continuous iteration around "Intelligent Architecture, Intelligent Chassis, Intelligent Cockpit and Intelligent Driving" since JAC Group entered the intelligent new energy track. It is also a high degree of integration of JAC Group's forward-looking technological direction, which marks the full speed of JAC Group's transformation and upgrading.


With the new-generation high-performance intelligent architecture as the key technology base, JAC Group will give the vehicle a smarter brain and nervous system by superimposing the new-generation central computing + regional control + full service technology. In terms of chip arithmetic power, update speed, software and hardware service combination and multi-dimensional security, JAC continues to make efforts to build a significant generational advantage.


In the vehicle-level SOA technology, JAC adopts the layered development model of upper-layer application + middle-layer operating system + bottom-layer hardware, so that future products will provide custom functions, and users can freely combine and define more than 100 application scenarios according to their own preferences and needs, so as to satisfy the users' personalized needs in different scenarios, and to really make the vehicle useful and fun! JAC Group's self-developed, highly-integrated and highly-adaptive mobile phone system.

JAC Group's self-developed and highly integrated vehicle-level FOTA programme not only meets the upgrading of application software, but also realizes the remote iteration and upgrading of hardware functions such as vehicle driving, handling, safety, and firmware performance, so as to make the user's vehicle a car that grows.

JAC Group has also built a new-generation intelligent chassis, which realizes six-way active control of the whole vehicle through a high degree of integration between the power domain and the chassis domain, with the features of high flexibility, high performance, high efficiency and high safety.

Through the flexible and expandable design of the chassis, in terms of power mode, JAC Group achieves the power options of electric and hybrid; in terms of energy mode, JAC Group adopts the replenishment solution of rechargeable and exchangeable; in terms of drive mode, JAC Group's subsequent products can achieve the flexible layout of two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

In the construction of the entire chassis architecture, JAC Group carries as many as 15 high-level active safety technologies, and at the same time, through the arithmetic power enhancement and software reservation, redundancy design is carried out, so as to achieve the operation of a set of back-up, to fully ensure the safety of drivers and passengers in a variety of extreme road conditions.


In terms of intelligent cockpit, based on Harmony OS system, JAC Group has created a new generation of skyline intelligent cockpit by pioneering the design scheme of "skyline panoramic screen + centre control intelligent screen + intelligent centre island", which brings users a brand-new human-vehicle interaction intelligent experience. Among them, JAC adopts a unique intelligent centre island design, which highly integrates functions such as ambient lighting, sound effects, fragrance, voice interaction, etc., and creates colourful scenarios such as campfire camping, immersive movie watching, interactive games, and lunchtime naps, allowing users to enjoy the third space scenario experience that combines static and motion.

In terms of high-level intelligent driving, JAC Group has cooperated with Huawei and other leading technology companies to jointly develop and continue to build high-level intelligent driving capabilities, and fully enter the ADS 3.0 era.


High-performance Intelligent Architecture, Cross-domain Integration Intelligent Chassis, Skyline Intelligent Cockpit, and High-order Intelligent Driving, these are the four major technological bases integrated in JAC Group's Technology Vision Concept Vehicle, which is also the strong support for the advancement of JAC Group's brand strategy.


It is worth mentioning that the day before the Beijing Auto Show, JAC Group and Huawei Digital Power signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. This signing is also the extension and deepening of the cooperation between the two sides.


According to the agreement, the two sides will focus on the cars, intelligence, charging trinity, focusing on new energy vehicle models or platform technology development and application, intelligent electric components application and development and manufacturing, new energy vehicle charging network construction and operation, new energy vehicle internationalization and other areas to carry out comprehensive and in-depth strategic cooperation.


Looking to the future, JAC Group will adhere to the brand strategy of "Guiding Intelligence with Intelligence" and accelerate the launch of new product matrix with the four technological bases as the core, and plan to launch more than 30 products covering the five categories of sedans, SUVs, MPVs, pickup trucks, and hardcore cross-country vehicles, so as to form an alliance with the high-end public business scenario, the intelligent urban quality scenario, the intelligent urban leisure scenario, the intelligent urban leisure scenario, and the high-end public business scenario.


Editor:Qin Shuying

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