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“Industry Outstanding Case Award”——HELI's AGV case

Pub Date: 2024-01-15 09:16 Source:www.heliforklift.com

Recently, the 2023 China Mobile Robot and AGV/AMR Industry Development Conference, hosted by the AGV/AMR Industry Alliance, was held at the Dongguan International Conference Center. At the conference of "Industry Outstanding Cases", the soft package stacking project delivered by HELI Industrial Vehicles (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. for finished products in the fertilizer industry won the recognition of the expert judges in product quality, technical advantages, program innovation, service guarantee and other aspects, and won the Industry Outstanding Cases Award.

The project is applied to a modernized and intelligent production enterprise focusing on agricultural fertilizers, which is a leading enterprise in China's fertilizer industry. As the enterprise's production capacity increases year by year and the problem of aging employees is highlighted, the original production and logistics methods can no longer match the production and warehousing needs, so the enterprise accelerates the promotion of intelligent and automated construction, and introduces the HELI Intelligent Logistics System, which promotes the upgrading of production, warehousing and logistics, and comprehensively improves the management level.

A total of 7 sets of HELI heavy-duty AGVs are invested in the project, realizing all-day automatic transfer from finished products off the line, high-density storage in the warehouse, and finished products out of the warehouse. the AGVs are equipped with on-board sensors to accurately identify the height of the pallet jacks, realizing stacking of multi-layer soft-packed goods. HELI's WMS warehouse logistics management software and ACS automatic control software are docked with the user's MES system, automated production line and automatic loading equipment to realize automatic triggering of handling tasks and dynamic management of finished product inventory information.

In the past 3 months since the delivery of the project, HELI intelligent logistics system has helped the enterprise to complete the shipment of about 300,000 tons. The successful delivery and smooth operation of the project reflects the win-win development concept of HELI team, which takes customer demand as the root and customer satisfaction as the core.

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