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Ankai Luxury Buses Enter Xinjiang, Boosting the High-quality Development of Tourism

Pub Date:24-06-17 15:02 Source:www.ankaiglobal.com

On May 29, 2024, a batch of Ankai N8 double-front windshield luxury buses were delivered to the Bayang Hongyan Tourism Transport Branch of Xinjiang Siyun Group Co., Ltd., which will help the company delve deeper into the high-end tourism market, providing tourists with a more quality, customized, and specialized travel experience, making "Xinjiang is a good place" renowned nationwide and worldwide.


Xinjiang, a place that constantly amazes people, offers breathtaking scenery throughout the year.

In late May, Xinjiang is as beautiful as a painting, with tourists flocking everywhere, gradually entering the traditional peak travel season when vehicles and people are on the move. During the "May Day" holiday this year, Xinjiang received 8.5594 million domestic tourists, achieving tourism revenue of 8.078 billion yuan, achieving double growth in both tourist numbers and tourism revenue. Cultural experiences, leisure vacations, and other needs were concentrated, showing a good trend of both supply and demand.


Bayang Hongyan Tourism Passenger Transport Company is affiliated with Xinjiang Siyun Group Co., Ltd., committed to providing excellent services such as tourism charter, reception, conference hosting, corporate charter, group charter, and event planning. It also includes services such as corporate commuter car leasing, self-drive car rentals, customized special adventure tourism, and airport and railway station transfer services, fully meeting the various travel needs of passengers.

This time, with Ankai buses, combining strengths, introducing Ankai N8 double-front windshield luxury buses in batches, aims to meet the urgent demand for more high-end and comfortable tourist buses in the Xinjiang tourism market. It is reported that this batch of Ankai N8 double-front windshield luxury buses will be used in the tourism reception routes of Bayanbulak Scenic Area in Xinjiang, providing tourists with a better experience and allowing them to better appreciate the beautiful Xinjiang through high-quality tourism products and services.

Today, tourism has gradually evolved into people's way of life, learning, and growth, making the tourism industry develop rapidly towards high-end and quality directions. Tourists' pursuit of travel experience has become increasingly refined and demanding.

The delivered Ankai N8 double-front windshield luxury bus is a high-quality bus in response to market development changes and comprehensive upgrades, targeting high-end passenger transport, tourism leasing, group commuting, and other markets. This vehicle inherits the German Kassbohrer bloodline, adhering to the development concept of refinement, efficiency, safety, comfort, and humanization. It achieves spatial upgrading, visual upgrading, and driving experience upgrading based on the original N8.


The bus is both internally and externally refined, painting a moving landscape together with the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland. The exterior design integrates fashion, breaking through traditional aesthetics. The smiling front face and streamlined body complement each other, unique in fashion and dynamism. The interior design fits the body elements, strictly selects materials, provides heat preservation and heat insulation, is wear-resistant and durable, and has rich visual layers. It is also equipped with large vision and large space, allowing the scenery to come into the car.

In terms of humanized configuration, the N8 double-front windshield luxury bus performs remarkably. With sedan-style design concepts, luxurious high-back airline seats, and a "PM1.0-level" fifth-generation internal environmental health system, passengers can enjoy reading, resting, or viewing the scenery more comfortably inside the vehicle.

At the same time, the bus has high active and passive safety, economy, and power performance. It adopts the fourth-generation full-load-bearing technology and a high-strength steel frame to build a "five-star+" safe passenger car, providing tourists with a more reassuring and reliable journey. Its carefully crafted new-generation golden power chain, equipped with an independent ATS intelligent control system, can adopt multiple speed ratio configurations according to different working conditions, making the bus's fuel consumption optimal, improving power, and saving energy.

Crossing thousands of miles, embracing the mountains and rivers. Now, Ankai N8 luxury buses are not only flowing between the vast and boundless magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland, but also advancing confidently and sailing overseas. In the future, Ankai buses will continue to strive to provide customers with quality, reliable products, services, and solutions, meeting the needs of more tourists for high-quality travel.

Editor:Qin Shuying

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