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Anhui Province State-owned Enterprises Going Global in Europe

Pub Date:24-05-09 17:35 Source:english.anhuinews.com

In recent years, Anhui Province state-owned enterprises have actively implemented the Belt and Road Initiative, vigorously advancing international development and actively expanding overseas markets. Let's explore the European footprint of these enterprises together.


JAC Group's pure electric light truck N75EV has once again won the Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) certificate in Europe. With this achievement, the pure electric light truck N75EV can be sold without restrictions in all European markets, successfully obtaining a "pass" to the high-end European market.

On March 26, 2024, Ankai's pure electric double-decker sightseeing buses were exported in batches to France and put into operation on several tourist sightseeing routes in Paris, providing green, environmentally friendly, and comfortable tourism services to visitors from around the world. It also adds more green and environmentally friendly elements to the upcoming Paris Olympics in July.


In 2015, Heli Co., Ltd. and Heli Import & Export Co., Ltd. each contributed 50% to establish HELI EUROPE, which officially commenced operations with its headquarters located in Calais, a northern city of France. To better serve the southern European market and the southern part of France, a branch office was established in Lyon in 2021.


To actively explore the European market, promote the upgrade of copper processing products of Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group and accelerate the internationalization process, in 2016, Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group formed a joint venture with a French company that has a 260-year history in the production of copper and copper alloy strips, establishing TG Griset SAS.


The Serbia Copper Gold Mine project undertaken by China Coal Mine Construction Group is located in the eastern part of Serbia. It is a key demonstration project of the Belt and Road Initiative and also serves as a bridgehead project for the China Coal Mine Construction Group's entry into the European market. With its solid technical advantages and high-speed, efficient construction, China Coal Mine Construction Group perfectly demonstrated "Chinese equipment, Chinese quality, and China speed," earning attention and praise repeatedly.


Source: "Anhui Guozi"

Editor:Qin Shuying

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