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HELI was invited to participate in a number of important events from 9 to 10 June 2023, such as the opening ceremony and keynote speech of the RCEP Forum, the plea session on economic, trade and development zone cooperation among member countries, and the exhibition of enterprises.

RCEP(Regional Com-prehensive Economic Partnership) is the world's most populous, largest trade and economic free trade area with the greatest potential for development. The RCEP agreement is now in effect for all its 15 members as the world's largest free trade pact came into force for the Philippines on June 2, marking a new stage forthe trade bloc of the world's largest population and trade volumes.

The full entry into force of RCEP has created more favorable conditions for the expansion of inter-regional trade in goods and empowered the high-quality development of the enterprise's foreign trade. 2022, HELI achieved an annual export of 77,800 units of complete machines, up 21.91% year-on-year; achieved overseas revenue of 4.632 billion yuan, up 56.64% year-on-year; exported to RCEP member countries product sales increased by nearly 30%, accounting for more than 21% of HELI's total export volume.

HELI took the opportunity of the forum to actively exchange with the Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Lao Front for National Construction, Chamthavong Hien Amamondi, and to conduct key business exchanges with key enterprises in the RCEP regional market, such as Chia Tai Group(Thailand) and SCG Group(Thailand), to explore diversified modes of regional cooperation and jointly promote trade liberalization and achieve common development in the Asia-Pacific region.

This international forum is of great significance to improve the competitiveness of HELI products in the RCEP regional market, enhance the overseas influence of the HELI brand.

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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