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JAC with the newest models debut in Chendu Motor Show 2023

Pub Date:23-09-05 09:07 Source:www.jac.com

On August 25, Chengdu Motor Show with the theme of " Road to Western China" was grandly opened in Chengdu.

Under the guidance of the new brand strategy, JAC Group insists on focusing on intelligent development. With the theme of "JAC with Great Wisdom" as the theme of the exhibition, we bring the latest intelligent products to the Chengdu Auto Show to accelerate the construction of an internationally competitive intelligent vehicle ecosystem.

On April 12, JAC released our new brand strategy- "leading intelligence with intelligence", and is committed to becoming one of a global leader in intelligent maunfacturer. Subsequently, under the guidance of the new brand strategy, JAC launched the MPV exclusive architecture - MUSE co-created smart electric architecture and the first concept car RF-M, which attracted great attention from domestic and overseas markets.

The RF8 mass-produced model unveiled at this motor show is a user-oritented product, which is optimized from the perspective of users and based on the real needs of users.
As the first mass-produced model under MUSE’s co-creation of smart electric architecture, RF8 is positioned as a medium and large business and household MPV. It is the first MPV equipped with a 3DHT smart electric hybrid system in China. It is composed of high-efficiency DHE+3-speed DHT+large-capacity batteries. It can realize three-engine four-mode drive, pure electric battery life of more than 200KM, and comprehensive battery life of more than 1200KM.
In terms of intelligent driving, RF8 can realize L2+ level intelligent assisted driving, and has multiple assisted driving functions such as reverse warning, driver monitoring, door opening warning, and merging assistance, which greatly improves the safety and comfort of the driving process.

In addition to RF8, JAC JS6 PHEV, E30X and T9 were unveiled at the same time, continuing to expand the matrix of JAC 's intelligent products. Among them, as the main force of JAC to enter the high-end pickup market, the all-new T9 has been comprehensively improved in terms of comfort, intelligence, and playability.

JAC JS6 PHEV is positioned as a super valuable SUV. Based on the MIS intelligent modular’s pre-drive PHEV super hybrid platform , JS6 has qualified with the characterisitic of intelligence, and security platform genes.

In terms of intelligence, JAC JS6 PHEV is equipped with L2+ level intelligent assisted driving, and cooperates with mainstream ecological suppliers such as Tencent and iFlytek to create a smart cockpit, covering 129 core scenarios such as navigation, entertainment, and information, full voice interaction, and zero body-sensing delay , to bring users a real, reliable and usable intelligent sensory experience.

E30X is a product of the first model of the world's second-generation pure electric platform - DI platform, which has great advantages in safety, efficiency, driving, and intelligence. At the same time, E30X defines user needs with unique and leapfrog configurations at the same level, creating an ultimate experience that exceeds user expectations.

JAC Pickup T9 adopts a brand-new medium-to-large wide-body pickup platform , and is equipped with the newly developed Zhiling 3.0 Internet of Vehicles system , which has intelligence such as intelligent voice interaction, intelligent interconnection, intelligent ecology, and APP remote vehicle control. It is the first domestic pickup truck with 50W super fast wireless charging function.

At present, the global automobile industry is accelerating towards new energy, intelligent network, high-end, and green development, and new energy intelligent network vehicles have become the strategic commanding heights of global competition. In 2023, JAC adheres to the intelligent development route, and shows a comprehensive and high-quality development trend in terms of market size and economic benefits. In the future, with the launch of many new products, it is believed that JAC will achieve rapid growth in sales and performance while creating a better car life with global users.

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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