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JAC held a grand signing ceremony with its Egyptian partner in Hefei

Pub Date:23-11-01 09:29 Source:www.jac.com

On October 22, JAC held a grand signing ceremony with its Egyptian partner in Hefei. Zhang Peng, Deputy General Manager of JAC Group, vice chairman and the general manager from the Egyptian auto group witnessed this important moment. In recent years, the cooperation between the two sides has become increasingly close, and breakthrough progress has been made in the very special conditions, and it continues to sprint to a higher goal.

Both Egypt and China are world-class ancient civilizations with the same profound historical and cultural heritage and development vision. Egypt is located at the intersection of continents of Europe, Asia and Africa, bordering the Suez Canal, the major shipping route of the world, and along the Maritime Silk Road. It is a natural partner for the “Belt and Road" Initiative (BRI). Egypt is also one of the first countries to join the BRI. The "Vision 2030" put forward by the Egyptian government is highly compatible with China's BRI. The development of the Suez Canal Corridor and the construction of the new administrative capital are all examples of China-Egypt cooperation.

As a firm practitioner of BRI, JAC adheres to the long-term development strategy and has continued to cultivated deeply in the Egyptian market in the past ten years,constantly pioneering forward and making achievements. During this visit, the senior leaders of the two groups strengthened mutual trust and pushed the Egyptian market to a higher goal. In the next stage, the two sides will vigorously promote cooperation in production and assembly projects, commit to building regional.

The signed partner is a head group of the local automobile industry, which has a complete marketing service network system, professional branding capabilities and good reputation in Egypt, and is deeply trust by Egyptian users. Its "User-Centered" development concept is deeply compatible with JAC. This alliance between the two sides will be able to build JAC brand into a Egypt’s high-value automobile brand, to provide more rich product choice, life experiences and business value for Egyptian end users in the fields of both commercial and passenger vehicles.

The signing of this cooperation agreement lays a solid foundation for the further deepening of cooperation between the two sides, demonstrating the beautiful vision and firm confidence of JAC to continue to the high-quality construction of the BRI.

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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