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JAC sponsors the 8th Extreme Ride 4 Hunger Tour 2024 bicycle riding event in South Africa

Pub Date:24-04-03 15:46 Source:https://jacen.jac.com.cn

Recently, the 8th Extreme Ride 4 Hunger Tour 2024 bicycle riding event in South Africa was launched as scheduled, with a 10-day cycling journey through three provinces in South Africa and a mileage spanning 1,500 kilometers. JAC and the local partners worked together to plan and sponsor the event.


In this event, JAC brought its new pickups T9, T8 and T6, serving as mobile support vehicles, provided full supply and support services for the event teams, ensuring the smooth progress of the event.


The Extreme Ride 4 Hunger Tour was initiated by a philanthropic organization in South Africa. This event is aimed to raise awareness of the social issues that still exist in South Africa, such as poverty and hunger.


As one of the most influential philanthropic organizations in South Africa, the charity covers the whole of South Africa, with 700 service points, over 1,400 employees, and a fleet of 280 units for the delivery of relief food in South Africa, providing more than 37 million meals to the local area every year. So far, the organization has purchased more than 30 JAC products.


As a backbone of Chinese automobile brands, JAC actively fulfills its social responsibilities. Before this event, JAC had already collaborated with the organization to provide free assistance to communities in need in South Africa.


JAC’s South Africa partner said that they would continue to deepen cooperation with the organization in the social welfare field in the future, jointly fulfilling the social responsibility of both parties and improving their brand images, and contributing to building a better South Africa!


Editor:Qin Shuying

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