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Ankai Buses Promote the Development of Urban and Rural Passenger Transportation

Pub Date:24-06-03 16:58 Source:https://www.ankaiglobal.com

In May, a batch of Ankai pure electric A5 and pure electric K8 injected new vitality into Tianjia Passenger Transportation Co., Ltd. in Haicheng City, Anshan City, Liaoning Province, which will actively promote the traditional urban and rural passenger transportation from oil to electricity, which is of great significance for improving local people's travel, promoting energy conservation and environmental protection, and accelerating the construction of urban and rural transportation integration.

The Ankai pure electric A5 delivered to Tianjia Passenger Transportation is a rear-mounted medium-sized vehicle specially designed by Ankai for the trend of tourism and passenger transportation market, which has the features of low purchase cost, low use cost and ultra-high cost-effective products, and it is an excellent choice for urban and rural passenger transportation, and it can help urban and rural areas to establish an integrated network of urban and rural passenger transportation that is safe and orderly, economical and convenient, and green and intelligent.


Pure electric K8, on the other hand, adopts JAC K series straight beam chassis, three-stage stepping, and concave floor structure with aisle, which is very suitable for urban and rural passenger transportation market, and even if it encounters unevenness or winding and rugged and complicated road, it can also drive smoothly; at the same time, the whole vehicle adopts high-strength body skeleton design, which further enhances the safety of the vehicle.

It is reported that this batch of pure electric A5 and K8 will be put into operation in the urban and rural passenger transportation line from Niuzhuang Town to Haicheng City, replacing the traditional old fuel vehicles in the local area, effectively solving the problem of difficult and annoying travel for the local people in Haicheng City, boosting the local area to complete the transformation and upgrading of the rural passenger transportation, and empowering and gathering momentum for the green urban and rural transportation development in Haicheng City.


At present, Ankai Bus has launched K8, A5, G6, F7 series and other classic models to the market, vigorously promoting the integration of urban and rural transportation construction to run out of "acceleration", so that the people go out more convenient, better travel. In addition to the two models delivered this time, F7 inherits the consistent quality of Ankai buses, brings together many leading technologies, classic appearance, unique temperament and strong and efficient power performance, which can be perfectly applied to the rural passenger transportation market. On the other hand, Ankai G6 is a small pure electric bus, which is very suitable for urban short-distance buses and village bus routes.


In the next step, Ankai Bus will continue to use high-quality products and services to help rural passenger transportation and urban transportation to develop faster and better.

Editor:Qin Shuying

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