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JAC launches test vehicle with sodium-ion battery

Pub Date:23-02-27 16:19 Source:cnanhui.org

On February 23, at the "Second National Sodium-ion Battery Symposium," the first test vehicle equipped with sodium-ion batteries jointly built by JAC Sehol New Energy and HiNa Battery was publicly unveiled.

The reporter of Anhui Business Daily learned from JAC Automobile on the 24th that through fast charging, the car can be charged within 15 minutes (from 30% to 80%), which significantly reduced the waiting time and provided technical support for getting rid of the "Low Battery Anxiety."

According to reports, the price of lithium soared all the way last year, which has caused many battery manufacturers and NEV companies to face rapidly rising costs. Finding alternatives to lithium batteries has become an urgent need for the entire industry.

At that time, sodium-ion batteries entered people's field of vision due to their cost advantages, high security, and fast charging performance. In November last year, the world's first large-scale mass production line of sodium-ion batteries, invested in and constructed by HiNa Battery, was officially put into production, marking that the application of sodium-ion batteries has entered the "fast lane."

As the first car company in China to start the industrialization research and development of electric vehicles, JAC Sehol New Energy has experienced the development of China's NEV industry and accumulated many core technological achievements.

According to reports, the test vehicle has five seats, 0-100 km acceleration in 5.5 seconds, a battery capacity of 25kwh, a CLTC range of 252km, a maximum speed of 120km/h, a maximum gradient of 25%, a PMSM maximum power of 45kw and a maximum torque of 150N.m.

In terms of charging, it takes 20 minutes for the test car to charge 10%-80% with fast charging and 15 minutes for 30%-80%.

The relevant person in charge of Sehol New Energy said: "We judge that the application of sodium-ion batteries in the NEV market will start from A00-class electric vehicles. After the technology and performance of sodium-ion batteries are further mature, more products will be launched at an appropriate time."

Reported by Yao Yu, Gao Zheng

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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