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No.1 in China for 32 consecutive years

Pub Date:23-03-06 15:03 Source:www.heliforklift.com

For industrial vehicle from Class I to Class V, the 2022 cumulative sales volume in China market was 1,047,967 units, compared to 1,099,383 units in 2021, 4.68% decreased. Although the sales volume was declined, it still exceeded the million units mark in such extraordinary year 2022. It was not easy to achieve such excellent results,as the industrial vehicle industry faced the same challenges as all industries due to an epidemic, and also due to various reasons such as the international situation and raw materials.(Some of the above data from CITA and the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China)

China Forklift Network (www.chinaforklift.com) ranked the sales of forklift manufacturers with annual sales of not less than 80 million in the Chinese market in 2022 in accordance with international practice. Among them, HELI ranked first, and this is also the 32nd year that HELI is ranked Top.1 in the Chinese market since 1991.


Established in 1958, Anhui Forklift Group Co., LTD, a wholly state-owned company in Anhui Province, is a leading enterprise of industrial vehicles in China.

The main business is the research and development, manufacturing and sales of industrial vehicles, intelligent transport equipment and its core components, with significant advantages of large industrial scale, complete business chain. comprehensive strength and considerable economic benefits. Since 1991, the main economic indicators have maintained a leading position in the national industry.

Headquartered in Hefei, Anhui Province, Anhui Heli Co, Ltd., the core holding subsidiary of the group, was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1996 (Stock Name: AnhuiHeli; Stock Code: 600761), which was early to be listed in stock exchange among Chinese industrial vehicle industry.

Overseas Market Layout

From 2014 to 2023, Heli established Heli Europe (Calais, France), Heli Southeast Asia (Bangkok, Thailand),Heli America (Atlanta, USA) andHeli Middle East FZCO(Dubai, UAE). Heli will continue to promote the construction of overseas companies and complete the international layout by the end of 2025. Heli will gradually take overseas companies as its regional headquarters and set up offices in key countries to get closer to the market and customers.

Product Introduction

Our products including 1-46 ton forklifts, stacking trucks, loaders, tractors, pallet trucks and other kinds of industrial vehicles and spare parts. We have more than two thousand products to meet almost all the needs of the market.

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No.1 in China for 32 consecutive years
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