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Ankai Electric Bus G6,G7 Helping Tourism Construction

Pub Date:24-06-03 16:26 Source:https://www.ankaiglobal.com

In recent years, many counties have begun to create more in-depth experience scenes for tourists, continuously polishing their characteristics, and launching personalized and differentiated tourism brands, allowing tourists to fully "understand and fall in love with a city". Ankai Buses has taken advantage of this trend, relying on diversified products and high-quality services to help counties improve their transportation supply capabilities and provide quality tourism services, becoming the preferred partner for improving tourism reception capabilities in county tourism destinations.


Ankai's pure electric G6 and G7 buses are helping Pujiang's tourism construction.

The pure electric G6 bus is a microcirculation pure electric product developed by Ankai Buses for urban and rural passenger transport and community transportation needs. With its "short and nimble" flexibility, it is widely used for "last mile" transportation connections. The entire vehicle adopts a new electric body structure design with high body strength and good passive safety performance. At the same time, it is equipped with a drive motor based on the actual needs of the product's working conditions, making its energy consumption lower in daily operations, and its energy saving and environmental protection performance more outstanding, also contributing to the protection of green cultural tourism resources.

The pure electric G7 bus is a popular model that Ankai Buses has launched in the rural bus market. The entire vehicle has been carefully crafted and has many advantages such as flexibility, high economy, and strong reliability. The car has round and full lines, a short front and rear suspension, and a narrow body structure, making it more maneuverable and flexible than ordinary buses. It is very suitable for urban short-distance bus routes and town and village bus routes, helping Pujiang build a quality city.


The pure electric G9 bus adopts a fully loaded body structure, and its motor, battery, interior and exterior decoration, etc., have undergone multi-dimensional lightweight design to reduce vehicle weight and improve carrying capacity. Relying on the system integration matching optimization of the National Engineering Research Center for Electric Bus Integration, the entire vehicle has ultra-low power consumption, longer cruising range, and effectively reduces environmental pollution.

Ankai Buses will continue to penetrate the county passenger transport market, using better products to help counties "strengthen their internal skills" and stand out in the cultural tourism market.

Editor:Qin Shuying

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