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JAC intensified the promotion of its digital marketing in Peru

Pub Date:23-02-16 16:06 Source:jacen.jac.com.cn

Recently, JAC received good news again from Peru. According to statistics, in 2022, the sales volume of JAC pickups in Peru reached a record high, ranking first among Chinese brands and second among global brands, and T8 has become the most popular pickup in Peru. JAC pickups accounts for as high as 40% of the export share of Chinese brands, maintaining the leading position in the industry.

Digital Marketing Boosts Brand Potential Energy
In 2022, JAC intensified the promotion of its digital marketing in Peru. During the listing of T8PRO, JAC, together with local automobile vertical media and KOL, carried out many evaluation activities on urban roads, deserts and the like. The continuous and in-depth product analyses provided the users with more direct experience of the product performance, and contributed to the sales volume of 200 units monthly in the highly competitive market environment.
Develop industry clients and successfully enter the mainstream niche market of pickup
All along, industry clients have high requirements for product quality and service, and successfully developing industry clients is the touchstone for JAC pickups. In 2022, JAC successfully entered Peru's car rental industry and delivered batch trial orders, winning good reputation which laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of JAC pickup in Peru in 2023.

Enrich the product portfolio and offer a diverse combination of products
In 2022, T8PRO, a high-end pickup model, was added to the original T6 and T8 product lines, which further improved the pickup portfolio and provided a stronger basis for the steady increase of overseas sales. In 2023, JAC will successively introduce new products such as T9 to further meet the individual needs and enhance the experience of users.
Looking back at 2022, we strived for excellence in every step we've taken in Peru. Looking forward to 2023, JAC will continue to cultivate overseas market and forge ahead for high-quality development!

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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