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“WENERGY 502”, the 59,990- ton coastal bulk carrier successfully underwent sea trial

Pub Date:23-03-09 15:25 Source:www.wenergy.com.cn/xwzx/

“WENERGY 502”,a 59,990-tongreen and efficientcoastal bulk carrier, was set out from the Xindayang Shipyard in Yangzhou to start its sea trial on March 1st. It took six days for the bulk carrier to complete the sea trial and it successfully returned to the port on March 6, which marks the company’s logistics and transportation team about to usher in new members.

The picture shows the scene of WENERGY 502’s sea trial

The picture shows the scene of WENERGY 502’s sea trial

In order to show the logistics transportation plate has achieved comprehensive efficiency and speed up, the maiden voyage ceremony of “WENERGY 502”plans to hold at the end of March.

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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