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Rise of local NEVs helps global tool makers
The growing overseas footprint of Chinese companies that make new energy vehicles and auto parts is offering substantial opport...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:24-05-29 09:48
'New Trio' exports from Anhui exceed 3 billion yuan in April, EV exports surge over 120% year on year
Recently, reporters learned from Hefei Customs that in April this year, Anhui Province exported 3.01 billion yuan worth of 'New... Pub Date:24-05-28 11:16
Foreign markets eager for Chinese-built cars
Chinese automakers have sped up efforts to expand in overseas markets despite a challenging environment. The latest data from t...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:24-05-21 09:58
Volkswagen has made new progress in Hefei
On the morning of May 16, the third phase of Volkswagen (China) Technology Co., Ltd.'s project commenced in Hefei. Three days l... Pub Date:24-05-21 10:58
Nation's tech sought out by automakers from abroad
Foreign automakers are increasingly teaming up with Chinese tech companies to introduce cutting-edge technologies like artifici...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:24-05-13 09:43
China's automobile manufacturing industry logs steady growth in Q1
China's automobile manufacturing industry registered strong expansion in the first quarter (Q1) of this year, the latest data f...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:24-05-13 09:43
Xinhua Headlines: NEV makers move fast in China leveraging innovation, cooperation
Fierce competition has driven up technological innovation and industrial upgrading in China's new energy vehicle (NEV) sector, ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:24-05-13 09:44
NIO and GAC reaches strategic cooperation on charging and battery swapping
On May 8th, NIO announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (GAC) in ... Pub Date:24-05-09 17:03
Anhui-made cars shine at 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition
This morning, the Anhui Theme Day of the 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition officially kicked off. The establishm... Pub Date:24-04-28 16:32
Anhui automotive industry achieve leapfrog development
In 2023, both the production and sales volumes of automobiles nationwide exceeded 30 million units, with Anhui's vehicle output... Pub Date:24-04-28 10:55
China, Germany shore up synergy of green development
Early in March 2021, Bosch and Qingling jointly established Bosch Hydrogen Powertrain Systems (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., which is c...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:24-04-26 11:08
VW partners with Xpeng to develop EV architecture
Volkswagen AG said on Wednesday it is codeveloping an electrical/electronic architecture with Chinese startup Xpeng in an effor...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:24-04-19 09:35
GlobaLink | How Chinese EVs are helping Europe become greener
For Valentine's Day this year, Dutchman Erik Zandbergen bought her wife Ellen an electric vehicle manufactured in China, becomi...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:24-04-17 10:04
German Social Democratic Party Economic Forum delegation visits Anhui
On April 10th, a German delegation from the Social Democratic Party (SPD) Economic Forum, led by Matthias Machnig, Vice Preside... Pub Date:24-04-12 10:57
Volkswagen: Invests an additional 2.5 billion euros to expand Hefei center
On April 11th, Volkswagen Group (China) announced that it will invest 2.5 billion euros to accelerate the transformation of its... Pub Date:24-04-12 17:03
Anhui automobile industry in 2023: over 60% increase in NEV production
On March 20, the Anhui Provincial Bureau of Statistics and the Anhui Survey Team of the National Bureau of Statistics released ... Pub Date:24-03-25 16:48
NIO completes 200 battery swap stations along expressways in YRD region
On March 20th, NIO Inc. announced that it has completed the construction of 200 battery swap stations in the expressway battery... Pub Date:24-03-25 10:35
AI crucial to NEV supremacy, agree auto execs
Cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence is key to boosting the advantages of China's new energy vehicle industry, ...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:24-03-25 10:51
Foreign engineers eye overseas orders | New record high in export of new energy vehicles
An experienced Korean engineer shares with us his view on China's vehicle exports and the remarkable achievements the country's...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:24-03-20 11:21
China to redefine premium EVs: Bloomberg
In the Chinese market, electric vehicles (EVs) equipped with built-in fridges and in-car karaoke systems are no longer cutting-...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:24-03-13 09:49
China's auto sales up 11.1 pct in first 2 months
China's auto sales rose 11.1 percent year on year to nearly 4.03 million units in the first two months of this year, data from ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:24-03-12 09:56
GLOBALink | Chinese electric vehicles put into use in Ethiopia
Ethiopia has introduced modern electric vehicles (EVs) for public transportation as the government endeavors to fast-track the ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:24-03-11 09:37
With better performance, prices, Chinese electric cars sell better than US ones: FT
Chinese electric cars sell better than US 'inferior' ones due to their better performance and affordability, the Financial Time...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:24-03-11 09:36
Media's View of Anhui: What aspects of Anhui leave the deepest impressions
On the afternoon of March 6th, in the meeting room of Beijing Yuanwanglou Hotel, the accommodation for the Anhui delegation, th... Pub Date:24-03-07 16:23
Ankai Bus & Coach Sales Up by 169.33% Year on Year in 2023
According to Ankai, its bus & coach sales grew by 169.33% year on year and its sales of large- and medium-sized buses & coaches... Pub Date:24-03-04 15:09
Chinese brands top Israel's electric car sales in Jan.-Feb.
Chinese manufacturer BYD Auto topped electric car sales in Israel in the first two months of 2024, according to data released b...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:24-03-04 09:53
Europe, China could be partners for boosting electrification in auto industry
The deepened cooperation between China's emerging carmaker Xiaopeng and Germany's traditional automotive giant Volkswagen signi...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:24-03-04 09:53
Foreign investors eye more opportunities in China's high-tech industry
Since the beginning of the year, Volkswagen Anhui's MEB plant in Hefei city, the capital of East China's Anhui province, has be...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:24-02-19 09:15
China dominates global new energy car sales
The sales of new energy passenger cars in China accounted for nearly two-thirds of the world's total last year, industrial data...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:24-02-18 09:21
Volkswagen: New vehicle developed in collaboration with XPeng to start production in Hefei
On February 5th, Volkswagen Group (China) announced that the new Volkswagen-branded vehicle developed in collaboration with Xia... Pub Date:24-02-06 10:46
BYD investing in smart features to aid growth
Chinese carmaker BYD said it will invest 100 billion yuan ($14 billion) to develop smart features as the focus within the autom...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:24-01-22 10:36
Anhui introduces regulations to promote the development of NEV industry clusters
The 6th session of the 14th Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Anhui Province recently voted to pass the 'Regulatio... Pub Date:24-01-18 16:24
Xpeng's flying car unit to accept orders
Chinese electric vehicle maker Xpeng Motor's flying car unit Xpeng Aeroht said its modular flying car will be available for pre...
Source:CHINA DAILY Pub Date:24-01-11 10:47
Sales, exports of China's new-energy passenger vehicles soar in 2023
Sales and exports of China's new-energy passenger vehicles registered robust expansion in 2023, industry data showed.
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:24-01-10 09:39
Big battle ahead as China's NEV market goes up a gear
New energy vehicle makers in China will see tougher competition in 2024 although the sector is expected to continue its momentu...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:24-01-08 10:59
Hefei: New energy 'bullet-shaped' long-haul truck put into operation
Recently, at the yard of the YTO Express Hefei Hub, a heavy-duty truck with a bullet-shaped design stood out among a row of tru... Pub Date:24-01-08 10:46
China's NEV industry ends 2023 on upbeat note, eyeing stronger growth in 2024
China's new energy vehicle (NEV) manufacturers closed 2023 with better-than-expected performances and optimism for the year ahe...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:24-01-05 09:44
BYD overtakes Tesla in sales for Q4
Chinese carmaker BYD dethroned Tesla in the fourth quarter as the world's best-selling electric vehicle maker as a result of th...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:24-01-04 09:12
Huawei revs up NEV sector with new SUV
Huawei Technologies Co showcased its technological muscle in its latest SUV model on Tuesday, as the Chinese company aims to br...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-12-27 10:10
China's NEV industry seeks green development amid transformation
With the rapid development of disruptive technologies, China's new energy vehicle (NEV) industry has witnessed positive progres...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-12-26 09:47
Anhui: Seeking win-win cooperation in NEV industry
On December 20th, a New Energy Vehicle Industry Chain Matchmaking Conference with the theme of 'Mutual Integration and Collabor... Pub Date:23-12-21 16:56
China Focus: China, Germany on fast track in NEV cooperation
The southern Chinese coastal city of Haikou, where the 2023 World New Energy Vehicle Congress (WNEVC) concluded on Dec. 9, witn...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-12-12 09:48
GLOBALink | Leading German enterprises aspire to deepen NEV cooperation with Chinese partners
Leading German enterprises at the just-concluded 2023 World New Energy Vehicle Congress aspired to further deepen the cooperati...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-12-11 09:24
Sino-Thai EV battery plant starts operations
Thailand's first domestic electric vehicle battery pack production plant went into operation on Thursday. The plant, run jointl...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-12-08 09:21
Hefei set to emerge as China's Wolfsburg for VW's EV ambitions
Each year, millions of Volkswagen vehicles are produced and sold around the globe but all of them trace their origin back to th...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-12-05 09:31
Anhui: Cultivating talents for NEV industry
On December 3rd, our reporter visited Lingbi County Advanced Vocational and Technical School in Suzhou, Anhui Province to learn... Pub Date:23-12-04 16:00
Chinese automakers revving up presence in overseas markets
SAIC, China's largest carmaker by sales, has partnered with Indian conglomerate JSW Group to bolster its MG marque's performanc...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-12-04 09:16
Anhui's new energy project takes only 6 months from contract signing to production
​On November 30th, reporters visited the Hongrun New Energy Industrial Park in Xuanzhou District, Xuancheng City, Anhui Provin... Pub Date:23-12-01 16:20
Electric vehicles on fast track in rural China
In recent years, due to collaborative efforts between local governments and automobile enterprises, new energy vehicles (NEVs) ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-11-29 09:14
Exploring JAC Technology Center: Unveiling the innovation behind electric vehicle EV3
Recently, our reporter Changsheng arrived at JAC Automotive Technology Center located in Hefei, Anhui, and experienced JAC's ne... Pub Date:23-11-24 15:03
SW China's Guizhou sets sights on booming NEV battery and materials industry
Southwest China's Guizhou province is harnessing its abundant resources and industrial prowess to bolster the development of ba...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-11-23 09:13
Jiangxi expands lithium base in high-quality push
East China's Jiangxi province is actively leveraging its advantages in upstream lithium resources to expand downstream sectors ...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-11-23 09:13
Sinopec's first charging & swapping integrated energy station has been put into operation in Anhui
Recently, the first charging and swapping integrated energy station of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec), the An... Pub Date:23-11-22 16:32
Volkswagen's first wholly-owned battery system plant in China starts production
Volkswagen (Anhui) Components Co., Ltd. (VWAC), Volkswagen Group's first wholly-owned battery system plant in China, started pr...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-11-22 09:20
Race car design competition held in China's Hefei to promote NEV talents cultivation
The 2023 Formula Student China, a race car design competition aiming at cultivating more young talents to the thriving NEV indu...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-11-16 09:40
China's BYD to sell midsize electric bus in Japan
China's leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer BYD will start to sell a new model of midsize electric bus in Japan to meet ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-11-15 09:27
Foreign Internet celebrities experience Hefei's NEV industry on-site
On the morning of October 27th, the 'Daka China - Telling Anhui's Stories Well and Conveying Voices from Hefei' International C... Pub Date:23-10-30 15:49
Xinhua Headlines: German auto firms invest more in China on new energy vehicle hopes
In China's automobile hub of Changchun, German auto giant Audi and Chinese automaker FAW's new energy vehicle (NEV) joint proje...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-10-30 09:35
Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai's working model benefits both China, U.S.: California governor
The working model of Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai has benefited both China and the United States, said Gavin Newsom, governor of ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-10-30 09:35
Economic Watch: China's auto industry embraces change as local brands seize NEV opportunities
This year has seen a new trend in China's auto market: The sales of new energy vehicles (NEVs) from domestic automakers such as...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-10-27 09:30
GLOBALink | Changing with the times: NEV brings fresh energy to historic Silk Road
From camel caravans to NEV exports, the historic Silk Road showcases the convergence of rich history and modern innovation. Lea...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-10-23 09:39
Anhui Province releases Construction Plan for High-Quality Charging and Swapping Service System
On October 17th, it was learned from the Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission that the 'Construction Plan for Hig... Pub Date:23-10-18 16:15
China's BYD launches new energy vehicle sale in Hungary
Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD has taken a leap in its global expansion by launching the sale of its new energy vehi...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-10-18 09:36
East China's Anhui posts robust growth in automobile output in Jan.-Sept.
During the first nine months of this year, east China's Anhui Province saw its automobile output grow by 45.7 percent year on y...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-10-16 08:58
GLOBALink | Explore brand-new Made-in-China products in global market -- new energy vehicles
From Eastern China's Anhui Province to Northern Europe's Stockholm, the electric carmaker NIO is making its mark worldwide as i...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-10-13 08:47
Anhui NEV industry cluster achieves significant results
On October 12th, it was reported at a press conference held by the Anhui Provincial Government that this year, Anhui has been a... Pub Date:23-10-12 15:21
NEVs help China to top auto exports
Exports of new energy vehicles, or NEVs, in September soared nearly 93 percent year-on-year, helping consolidate China's positi...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-10-12 09:11
Why are lithium batteries manufactured in Germany by Anhui enterprises?
Why do Chinese power battery companies venture overseas to establish a base in Europe? Because this is a 'win-win' situation fo... Pub Date:23-10-09 16:01
NEV sales boom during 'golden week' holiday
An auto show during the National Day 'golden week' holiday, which lasts from Sept. 29 to Oct. 6, has shown the growing populari...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-10-07 09:22
China Focus: Enhanced technology ensures safety and efficiency of Chinese NEVs
According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the production and sales of NEVs in August reached 843,000 and ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-09-27 09:04
GLOBALink | Amazing Anhui: A glimpse of Anhui-based NEV industry at 2023 World Manufacturing Convention
During the ongoing 2023 World Manufacturing Convention in Hefei City, east China's Anhui Province, the New Energy Vehicle (NEV)...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-09-25 09:16
VW invested Chinese battery maker opens European factory
Gotion High-Tech, a Chinese battery maker, opened its first European assembly line on Saturday, in Gottingen, Germany, where it...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-09-18 09:16
China's battery makers build plants abroad to benefit local industry
In response to growing demand and stricter policy restrictions, Chinese battery makers are ramping up efforts to construct over...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-09-18 09:16
Chinese EVs moving into fast lane in Europe
With its cutting-edge technology, novel marketing models and competitive prices, China's electric vehicle (EV) industry is head...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-09-13 09:22
China battery firms lead market
Chinese companies continued to dominate the global power battery market in the first seven months, responsible for over three-f...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-09-07 09:11
Anhui aims to attract foreign investment for car industry
Anhui province in East China, where it has the country's largest industrial base for new energy vehicles, said it would like to...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-09-05 09:08
Feature: Indian engineer thrives together with China's NEV industry
Yusuf Khambaty would never have anticipated the spectacular growth of an emerging industry here when he first came to China fro...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-09-04 09:12
German firms double down in Hefei's NEV cluster
German enterprises are doubling down on their investment in China's fast-growing new energy vehicle industry to tap the market ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-08-30 09:12
Hanshan County, Anhui: Strengthening the NEV supporting industry
Hanshan County in Anhui is actively strengthening the new energy vehicle supporting industry, attracting investments and promot... Pub Date:23-08-29 15:33
German enterprises show growing interest in China's NEV market
German enterprises are doubling down on their investment in China's fast-growing new energy vehicle (NEV) industry, or planning...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-08-29 09:14
Anhui's new energy vehicle (NEV) industry now counts 21 listed companies
As of now, there are a total of 21 listed companies in Anhui's NEV industry, accounting for 12% of all listed companies. Pub Date:23-08-24 15:48
East China's Hefei to build up NEV industrial cluster
Hefei, the capital of east China's Anhui Province, aims to cultivate an industry cluster of new energy vehicles (NEVs) with ann...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-08-24 09:03
NIO's vision for green and joyful mobility: A closer look at their game-changing NEV innovations
Discover how NIO is revolutionizing the EV landscape with its smart, advanced, and green approach, while prioritizing user conv... Pub Date:23-08-18 16:38
Hefei BYD's live stream recruitment event draws massive attention!
On the evening of August 15th, after a six-month hiatus, the Hefei Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security once... Pub Date:23-08-18 15:55
Cities in Anhui strive to seize opportunities and develop the NEV industry
The cities of Ma'anshan and Huaibei fully rely on their industrial advantages to accelerate technological innovation and contin... Pub Date:23-08-16 15:53
China's NEV output, sales register significant increases
China saw a significant increase in the production and sales of new energy vehicles (NEVs) in July, data from the China Associa...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-08-11 09:07
BYD's five millionth NEV rolls off production line
The five millionth new energy vehicle (NEV) produced by China's leading NEV manufacturer BYD rolled off the production line on ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-08-10 09:17
Leading Industry gains momentum! Anhui produces nearly 10% of NEVs in China
In the first half of this year, the development of the new energy vehicle industry in Anhui has achieved remarkable results. Pub Date:23-08-09 16:26
Charging piles show robust growth momentum in H1
Charging piles for electric vehicles expanded at a rapid pace in China during the first half of the year on booming demand for ...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-08-04 08:59
Volkswagen's R&D base in Hefei teams up with Xpeng to develop two mid-sized cars
On July 26, Volkswagen released information announcing that the Volkswagen and Xpeng Motors have reached an agreement on techni... Pub Date:23-08-01 15:54
The YRD NEV Industry-Academia Integration Community established
Recently, the inaugural conference of the Yangtze River Delta New Energy Vehicle Industry-Academia Integration Community was gr... Pub Date:23-08-01 15:38
Emerging manufacturing powers Anhui's rise
Anhui, a province in East China, saw robust economic recovery in the first half, which business leaders and experts attributed ...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-07-28 09:01
East China province aims high in NEV industry
East China's Anhui Province will prioritize the development of the automaking industry and strive to become a leading productio...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-07-28 09:01
Ankai Ready to Make Big Splashes in New Energy Bus Industry
On July 24, Anhui New Energy Automobile Industry Clustering Promotion Conference was held in Hefei, the provincial capital of A... Pub Date:23-07-28 08:57
Anhui's emerging force competes in the new field of autonomous driving
In recent years, the development speed of intelligent driving technology has been increasing, disrupting traditional car contro... Pub Date:23-07-27 15:50
Volkswagen Group to strengthen cooperation with Chinese partners on EV market
The deepening of the partnership in China is in line with the group's ‘in China for China’ strategy, said the Volkswagen Group.
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-07-27 09:13
China-Europe freight trains facilitate NEV exports
With a loud train whistle echoing through the air, a freight train loaded with more than 260 new energy vehicles (NEVs) slowly ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-07-27 09:13
Drive to become China's NEV capital
As the world's largest single market for electric vehicles, China has launched a series of policies to bolster the development ...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-07-24 08:55
China's Anhui reports foreign trade growth in H1
The total import and export of goods in east China's Anhui Province grew 3.4 percent year on year to over 377.55 billion yuan (...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-07-21 08:54
GLOBALink | Enhanced charging infrastructure drives NEVs into rural market in China's Anhui
East China's Anhui Province is actively building itself into an NEV-friendly province, as China's new energy vehicle (NEV) indu...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-07-20 08:50
Across China: Multifunctional NEV charging station in Hefei eases access shortage
In recent years, China's NEV industry has grown rapidly, and charging stations have become important public facilities, serving...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-07-17 15:17
GLOBALink | Charging complex provides new recharging solutions for NEVs in E China
Hefei's first new energy vehicle (NEV) charging complex building has recently begun its trial operation in east China's Anhui P...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-07-17 09:10
New energy vehicle industry is developing rapidly in Fuyang, Anhui
The rapid development of PKC Automotive Technology reflects the rapid development of automotive and supporting industries in Fu...
Source:Anhui News Pub Date:23-07-14 16:40
GLOBALink | China's booming NEV market provides opportunities for foreign automakers
The flourishing new energy vehicle (NEV) market in China has provided opportunities for foreign automakers who are eyeing the p...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-07-14 09:12
Deals worth over $3.4b signed at 2nd China NEEP in Hefei
On the morning of July 6th, the 2nd China New Energy and Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry Expo opened ... Pub Date:23-07-07 16:16
NIO: Drives towards a bright future
After more than eight years of accumulation, NIO has become one of the world's leading high-end intelligent electric vehicle co... Pub Date:23-07-05 15:53
Update: China registers record output of 20 mln NEVs
China's 20 millionth new energy vehicle (NEV) rolled off the production line on Monday in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong Provi...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-07-04 09:07
Anhui's 'Three New Products' witness tremendous success in global markets
Since the beginning of this year, the export of 'Three New Products,' from Anhui Province, represented by solar cells, lithium ... Pub Date:23-06-30 16:16
Nio Energy and CNOOC sign agreement improving electric vehicle charging
Nio Energy and China National Offshore Oil Refining Company (CNOOC Refining) have signed a strategic cooperation framework agre...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-06-29 09:21
Advancing the Construction of New Energy Vehicle Industry Cluster
The automotive industry is a key and pillar industry in Anhui. Currently, new energy vehicles and intelligent connected vehicle... Pub Date:23-06-27 16:56
Anhui accelerates the construction of competitive NEV industry cluster
On June 21st, Anhui Province held a conference to promote the construction of the NEV industry cluster, taking the NEV industry... Pub Date:23-06-26 16:35
Sino-German cooperation to boost new energy vehicle sector
German and Chinese carmakers are optimistic about more exchanges and cooperation as the two countries are forging closer relati...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-06-26 08:57
China unveils new policies supporting NEV sector, encourages firms to expand overseas
Chinese authorities on Wednesday announced a series of supporting policies to boost quality development of new-energy vehicles ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-06-25 09:13
China to further improve NEV charging infrastructure
China will further boost the building of a high-quality charging infrastructure network to meet the rapid development of the co...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-06-20 11:18
'Anhui 616 Car Purchase Festival' launches in Hefei
On the afternoon of June 16th, the inaugural 'Anhui 616 Car Purchase Festival', which last until the 18th, was launched in Hefei. Pub Date:23-06-19 15:16
Policy on purchase tax of NEV to optimize
China will extend and optimize the policy to reduce or waive purchase taxes on new energy vehicles amid efforts to promote high...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-06-05 09:06
1.5 billion yuan! Anhui's NEV enterprises feel the warmth and speed of financial depts
Recently, the Ministry of Finance issued a budget of 1.54 billion yuan for energy conservation and emission reduction subsidies... Pub Date:23-05-25 16:40
Hefei's first NEV charging complex soon to open
the Hefei New Energy Vehicle Charging Facilities Complex (Shi-Su Roads Intersection) project will soon be handed over and put i... Pub Date:23-05-09 16:31
Lithium batteries charged by strong global demand for electric vehicles
China's lithium batteries are gaining increasing favor among overseas buyers with advancing technologies and improving services...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-05-04 09:20
NEVs driving up sales growth in the country
Vehicle sales, especially those of new energy vehicles, in China picked up speed in March after a sluggish start in the first t...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-04-10 14:55
Hefei's NEV production soars with over 80,000 units made in two months
In the first two months of this year, the total output of NEVs in Hefei reached 81,400, a year-on-year increase of 226%. Pub Date:23-04-03 16:22
GLOBALink | Indonesia business leader hopes for working with China on NEV development
An Indonesian business leader expressed hope for learning China's experience in developing NEVs.
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-03-30 09:00
NEV sales to rev after Jan speed bump
China's new energy vehicle market, despite a lackluster start, will maintain its rapid growth momentum thanks to rising demand ...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-03-02 16:31
JAC launches test vehicle with sodium-ion battery
The first test vehicle equipped with sodium-ion batteries jointly built by JAC Sehol New Energy and HiNa Battery was publicly u... Pub Date:23-02-27 16:19
China sees surge in registered NEVs in 2022
The number of registered new energy vehicles in China hit 13.1 million by the end of 2022, an increase of over 67 percent year-...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:23-01-12 09:10
Chinese automaker JAC sees vehicle sales up 13.82 pct in September
Chinese automaker Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp., Ltd. (JAC) registered a year-on-year increase of 13.82 percent in Sep...
Source:ecns Pub Date:22-10-13 09:14
Self-driving vehicles put into use to serve tourists in E China's Anhui
A project promoting self-driving vehicles has been implemented in the Binhu National Forest Park of Hefei recently. Self-drivin...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:22-10-12 09:13
New energy vehicles take the spotlight at the 2022 World Manufacturing Convention in E China's Anhui
New energy vehicles take the spotlight at the 2022 World Manufacturing Convention in Hefei, east China's Anhui Province, which ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:22-09-26 09:06
American expat explores China's new energy vehicle smart factory
How are new energy vehicles manufactured in China? An American expat living in Anqing explores a smart production line in the c...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:22-09-01 09:55
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