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Luzhou Wood Carving

Pub Date:2022-08-22 10:42 Source:cnanhui.org

Luzhou Wood Carving was mainly initiated in Baohe District of Hefei. It is a unique folk art integrating Dongyang wood carving and Huizhou wood carving, which has great ornamental value and artistic value.



Luzhou Wood Carving has a long history. As early as the Ming Dynasty, a number of folk artists making wood carvings emerged in Hefei. By the middle of the Qing Dynasty, it became a unique traditional handcraft among people. However, with the rapid development of our country, this traditional craft of slow work and delicate work has been gradually neglected.


Through a series of complex procedures, one rough lumber can made into an exquisite wood carving artwork, including composition, modeling, sculpture, sleeking and polishing. In order to create a prefect artwork, artists should dedicate themselves into their works.




Luzhou Wood Carving was listed into the Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage project in 2013. Zhang Canzhong, the wood carving master, is the inheritor of this skill. His typical works are "Yuanchunxingqing" and "the Great National Union". In 1980, Zhang was invited to act as the head of woodcarving workshop in Hefei Arts and Crafts Factory, and shouldered the responsibility of restoring Luzhou Wood Carving. In terms of art technique, sculpture and traditional Chinese painting elements are integrated together to enhance the three-dimensional sense and fluency of wood carving works. As for the content selection, the themes are mainly on history, folk customs and scenery. Through a series of carving techniques such as low relief, deep relief and concave carving, vivid wood carving works are depicted.


1.Luzhou Wood Carving

2.traditional skill

3.Hefei's Baohe District

4.Dongyang Wood Carving

5.Huizhou Wood Carving

6.Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage list project

7.wood carving master

8.element of carving

9.element of Chinese painting

10.Zhang Canzhong


12."Great National Union"

13.low relief

14.high relief

15.concave carved






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