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Hefei eyes prosperity as it looks to become an AI industry hub    20-09-18 14:48
Origin Quantum launches superconducting quantum computing cloud platform    20-09-18 10:09
Rapid progress made in developing vaccine    20-09-17 14:34
Rising Anhui: Tech-savvy Hefei    20-09-17 08:33
Autonomous driving gains traction    20-09-16 10:33
Rising Anhui: TCM market prosperous in Bozhou    20-09-15 14:59
Credit system to include online lending    20-09-15 08:41
Two Anhui-based firms launch IPOs, bringing the total to 121    20-09-14 10:25
Huawei to use own operating system in 2021 on smartphones    20-09-11 08:26
Nation planning scientific station on the moon    20-09-10 08:38
Newest Gaofen HD satellite lifted into orbit    20-09-08 08:44
China's Anhui opens 5G-covered road for testing self-driving cars    20-09-04 08:43
China's flood response sees improved results    20-09-03 14:35
Chinese medical experts help South Sudan strengthen fight against COVID-19    20-08-31 14:35
Hi-tech helps fight floods in east China    20-08-31 14:33
China's Mars probe travels around 100 mln km    20-08-28 15:06
Volkswagen to launch road test for self-driving vehicles in east China    20-08-28 08:39
Companies focus on ecological protection of Yangtze River Delta region    20-08-27 14:43
WHO aiming for 2b doses of vaccine by end of 2021    20-08-26 08:43
Breakthroughs in tech lift soybean production    20-08-25 09:12
Observation satellite starts formal duties    20-08-21 10:48
Xi Focus: China uses technology to secure harvests amid floods    20-08-21 08:47
IP protection center opens in Hefei    20-08-20 08:35
China's first patent granted for COVID-19 vaccine    20-08-18 08:41
Anhui fills first export order for gold    20-08-17 10:51
Chinese company sends staff back to Turkey for thermal power plant construction    20-08-11 08:49
Two Anhui-based firms make debuts on NEEQ Select    20-08-10 10:21
Xuancheng sets up sci-tech innovation center in Shanghai    20-08-06 11:11
Govt unveils policies to bolster chip industry    20-08-06 08:25
Software upgrades for Beidou to continue    20-08-04 08:51
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Rice enters harvest season in Anhui
Hefei hosts China-ROK business meeting
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(AmazingAnhui)She inkstone, a national cultural heritage in E China's Anhui
(AmazingAnhui)Huizhou inkstick, a cultural heritage in E China's Anhui
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Students beat adversity to score exam victories
Medic mom's gallantry inspires son's entrance to ideal university
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Yangtze River Delta to add 94 trains during holiday
China raises visitors' upper limit for cultural, tourist locations to 75%
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