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China's Chang'e-5 lands on moon to retrieve samples    20-12-02 08:53
China's Chang'e-5 probe decelerates again    20-11-30 08:52
China's Chang'e-5 probe completes first orbital correction    20-11-25 08:44
China launches Chang'e-5 to collect, return moon samples    20-11-24 09:04
World Internet Conference unveils leading cyberspace sci-tech achievements    20-11-24 08:57
World Conference on Display Industry held in east China's Anhui    20-11-23 08:47
(Anhui's achievements in the 13th Five-Year Plan period) Anhui leads the country in regional innovation    20-11-20 15:56
China prepares to launch Long March-5 rocket for Chang'e-5 mission    20-11-19 09:00
Ministry: Five Chinese COVID-19 vaccines in clinical trials    20-11-19 08:37
China's Mars probe travels over 300 million km    20-11-17 10:25
Anhui ranks 8th in regional innovation capacity    20-11-17 11:08
Helicopter-borne workers fix 1,100-kv power line in east China    20-11-17 09:15
China launches new mobile telecommunication satellite    20-11-13 14:59
China's manned submersible sets diving record    20-11-10 08:28
Anhui's TCM exports up 7.9% in Q1-Q3    20-11-09 10:36
Tech, digitalization to give public health a new boost    20-11-09 08:48
China sends 13 satellites into orbit with single rocket    20-11-06 14:52
Major water bridge built for diversion project in east China    20-11-06 08:43
China to deepen sci-tech institutional reform, international cooperation    20-11-05 09:10
China unveils plan for new energy vehicle industry    20-11-03 08:52
China to hold 7th World Internet Conference in November    20-11-03 08:41
Xi stresses innovation as primary driving force for development    20-10-30 14:40
China issues revised regulation on science, technology award system    20-10-28 08:23
China launches new remote-sensing satellites    20-10-27 14:29
Simplified fertilization fulfills nutrition needs of rice growth    20-10-27 08:43
Global developers lured to China AI innovation platform    20-10-27 08:34
Cities embrace safety products as epidemic eases    20-10-26 14:41
iFlyTek largely unaffected by US blacklisting: chairman    20-10-26 09:09
Tech innovation becomes Anhui's key driver    20-10-23 10:50
China's AI-related patent filings register double-digit growth    20-10-23 08:36
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18 cities told to prepare for cold snap
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