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Hebei rolls out red carpet for talent

Pub Date:24-01-22 10:36 Source:China Daily

Zhang Junxia expressed her deep gratitude after she returned to North China's Hebei province, where she got a great job to develop her talent.

"Upon achieving success in my studies, I, a native of Hebei, wanted to do something for my hometown and contribute to its development," said Zhang, 48, a professor at Hebei University's School of Life Sciences in Baoding.

Born and raised in Cangzhou, another city in Hebei, Zhang pursued her studies at the university in Baoding before embarking on a studying and working journey in 2005 that led her across the globe. During the period, she obtained Canadian citizenship and focused on the study of arachnids and insects' molecular phylogeny and biogeography.

"In 2019, I got an opportunity to work at my alma mater and join the university's arachnology research team. I was excited to return," Zhang said.

According to Hebei University, Zhang's participation has significantly enhanced the team's research capabilities in molecular phylogenetic evolution.

Zhang received a total of 400,000 yuan ($55,600) in project startup funds and settling down expenses in Baoding, as well as assistance from the university in arranging accommodation within a 15-minute walk from her laboratory.

"I never expected to receive such great recognition and support. I was deeply moved," Zhang said.

Since her return in 2019, Zhang has published 25 research papers in prestigious international journals such as Cladistics and Systematic Entomology.

In 2022, in recognition of her contributions to scientific research and the development of Hebei, Zhang was conferred the Yanzhao Friendship Award, the highest honor given to foreign experts by the Hebei provincial government.

Alongside Zhang, 19 other foreign experts were also recipients of this prestigious award.

In recent years, Hebei has been dedicated to fostering a favorable working and living environment for professionals from all around the world.

To this end, a series of measures have been rolled out to promote the hiring of international high-end professionals.

In December, the province's foreign affairs office and department of education jointly unveiled eight measures to promote the hiring of more international high-end professionals, initially for over 100 positions and specialties at 18 institutions of higher learning.

Editor:Qin Shuying

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