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A Guide for Expats Working and Living in Anhui releases

Pub Date:2024-06-05 16:53 Source:english.anhuinews.com

To facilitate the work and life of expats in Anhui, the Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce, in collaboration with relevant departments, has compiled "A Guide for Expats Working and Living in Anhui" (2024 Edition), which was recently officially released.

The "Guide" is divided into four aspects: live in Anhui, work in Anhui, travel in Anhui, and convenient information. It covers topics such as accommodation requirements, financial services, transportation, medical services, education for child/children of expats, work permits, and travel guides.

The "Guide" will further enhance the convenience for expats working and living in Anhui. For example, in the area of financial services, which is of great concern to expats, the "Guide" provides detailed information: "With valid identification documents, one can open a bank account at a bank branch and enjoy services such as depositing and withdrawing RMB and foreign currencies, foreign exchange transactions, domestic transfers and cross-border remittances, currency exchange, and payments." In terms of medical services, the "Guide" lists some hospitals in Anhui that have established international medical centers or accept commercial insurance appointments. It also provides detailed explanations on numerous matters such as school enrollment for expats' children and payment of social insurance.

In recent years, Anhui has adhered to the principle of empowering through an open environment, striving to create a first-class international business environment. It has introduced international top-tier brands such as Walmart Sam's Club and Intime inPARK, optimized payment convenience for foreign personnel in Anhui, and created a more convenient and friendly living environment for foreigners. Anhui will continue to improve services for foreign-invested enterprises, accelerate the construction of first-class international living communities, and gather more resources for international medical services and education, providing a higher quality international business environment for expats investing and living in Anhui.

A relevant official from the Provincial Department of Commerce stated that in the future, "A Guide for Expats Working and Living in Anhui" will be updated annually based on adjustments to relevant policies and procedures to help expats better understand Anhui, experience Anhui, and invest in Anhui.

Source: Anhui Daily

Editor:Zheng Chen

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