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Anhui Launches the 2024 Yangtze Alligator Release into the Wild Program

Pub Date:24-06-05 11:04 Source:english.anhuinews.com

The Yangtze Alligator release program for 2024 officially commenced at the Anhui Yangtze Alligator National Nature Reserve. This initiative plans to release 210 Yangtze Alligators across 16 ponds in seven areas including the Hongxing and Yanglin sections in Xuanzhou District of Xuancheng City, Gaojingmiao section in Langxi County, Zhucun section in Guangde City, Shuangkeng and Zhongqiao sections in Jingxian County, and Changle section in Nanling County of Wuhu City. The release work is scheduled to be completed by the beginning of June.

Reporters learned from the Administration Bureau of the Anhui Yangtze Alligator National Nature Reserve that this year marks the 20th occasion that Anhui has conducted the Yangtze Alligator release into the wild. It represents the initiation of a new round of large-scale releases into the wild following the completion of the province's first five-year plan for mass releases of Yangtze Alligators. By the end of this release, the cumulative number of Yangtze Alligators returned to the wild will reach 1818.

Monitoring data indicates that the number of Yangtze Alligators in the wild in our province has been increasing year by year, with their distribution range gradually expanding and their population structure becoming more rational. The vast majority of released alligators have adapted to the wild environment, and some individuals have begun to lay eggs and reproduce. The number of distribution points for Yangtze Alligators in the wild increased from 250 in 2021, to 302 in 2022, and further to 308 in 2023, with Jingxian County in Xuancheng City and Nanling County in Wuhu City being the most concentrated areas. The number of Yangtze Alligators in the wild in our province is close to 1400 and is on an upward trend, demonstrating the significant effectiveness of the large-scale release of Yangtze Alligators.

Source: Anhui Business News

Editor:Qin Shuying

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