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Hefei Wetland List (First Batch) officially released

Pub Date:2021-02-04 16:25 Source:cnanhui.org

Recently, Hefei Wetland List (the first batch) has been released jointly by Hefei Forestry and Landscape Bureau, Hefei Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, Hefei Water Authority, Hefei Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, and Ecology and Environment Bureau of Hefei. 9 wetlands including Chao Lake are selected by this list.

The 9 wetlands listed are: Chao Lake, Guanwan National Wetland Park in Feidong County, Longqi Provincial Wetland Park in Feidong County, Sanhe National Wetland Park in Feixi County, Chaohu Peninsula National Wetland Park, Huailin Provincial Wetland Park in Chaohu City, Tuohao River Provincial Wetland Park in Chaohu City, Chaohu Lakeside National Wetland Park, Dongpu National Wetland Park of Luyang District.

Editor:Fanxi Feng

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