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Authorities urge caution in travel, school and cinemas to curb COVID-19 spread

Pub Date:2021-01-25 08:36 Source:Global Times

China’s State Council has introduced a series of polices to discourage people from gathering in crowds on public transportation and in schools and cinemas to avoid spreading COVID-19 during this year’s Spring Festival. 

According to China’s State Council, migrant workers are encouraged to avoid travelling back home and key provinces for such workers in China, such as Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, Central China’s Henan Province and East China’s Anhui Province, are required to establish a system where they can register and report the transportation of migrant workers. 

During the mass transportation during Spring Festival, travelers are encouraged to use facial recognition and health codes, as well as social distancing. For public vehicles, passenger capacities are to be restricted according to different levels of COVID-19 risks in different areas, and the vehicles must be thoroughly disinfected. 

Entertainment venues, such as cinemas, will still be subject to strict measures during this year’s Spring Festival. According to the China Film Distribution and Exhibition Association (CFDEA), the total number of people allowed in one theatre is still limited, and viewers must have their temperature checked before entry and wear masks at all times. 


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