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Chery to Restructure Management System

Pub Date:17-12-26 08:35 Source:www.gasgoo.com

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Shanghai (Gasgoo)- Recently, Chen Anning, General Manager of Chery, analyzed comprehensively the problems Chery encounters and their corresponding solutions, talked about the optimization and adjustment of management structure and clarified Chery’s direction to develop like a start-up.

When reviewing Chery’s accomplishments in 2017, Chen Anning spoke frankly that, the month-on-month growth of these few months has been quite good, yet the annual growth was not very outstanding. But, in overseas market, Chery has been a sales champion for the 14 consecutive years.

Chen Anning also shared his views about domestic auto market that, the auto industry is undergoing remarkable changes, and more uncertainties are adding challenges to auto enterprises except traditional competitors. For example, it was smart phones, instead of Canon, that beat Nikon; and it was Wechat pay and Alipay, instead of policemen, that eliminated pickpockets, so we can see real competitors may come from a totally different area. Chery, as a traditional auto enterprise, should be open to learn more about newly emerging industries and keep aware of customers’ needs and follow the market trend.

Chen Anning took office as General Manager of Chery in April this year, and he had made several attempts to optimize management structure since then. First, he specified the direction of Chery, and stressed that Chery should develop with valuable attitudes of a start-up. Second, he restructured the management system, streamlining the management work into six blocks, with six managers in charge. Besides, the regular meetings was scheduled weekly, from three times a month before. Third, Chen proposed to introduce and cultivate talents after such a restructured management system came into being.

To be open has a key factor, which is to cooperate. Chery has been rather open to cooperation and already established an intelligent car division. The future development of auto market and industry is uncertain, and Chinese enterprises can only earn a place worldwide through cooperation.

As for strategy, Chery plans to promote EXEED, as well as smart technologies that other enterprises haven’t developed, in global market. Change creates opportunities. Any ambitious enterprise has to be innovative to lead the market or earn a place in global market, and following old thinking won’t help.

2018 will be a critical year for Chery, and Chery has four focuses in this year. Firstly, Chery will grasp opportunities and cope with risks. Secondly, Chery will put more efforts in identifying problems to be solved, such as how to meet the market demand. Thirdly, Chery will provide the optimum experience for customers. Fourth, the company’s operation should be more digital, and Chief Digital Officer has already been appointed to solve digital problems. 


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