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135 Items Make Anhui's Intangible Cultural Heritage List

Pub Date:17-11-15 10:01 Source:www.cnanhui.org

The provincial government of East China’s Anhui unveiled a list of 135 items of intangible cultural heritage Tuesday, including 123 newly-added ones, Anhui Business Daily reports.

Those items fall into 10 categories ranging from folk literature and traditional music to folk customs and traditional medicine.

It is the fifth list the province has ever issued.

The following is part of the list.

Folk literature: the Legend of Chen Tuan, the Legend of Zhang Bo, the Legend of Liu Xiahui and the Legend of Daqiao and Xiaoqiao;

Traditional music: Jiuhua Folk Songs, Shitai Folk Songs, Linhuan Suona Horn, Xiapai Suona Horn, Louxi Huis’ Gong and Drum;

Traditional theatre: Mapai Shadow Puppetry, Meijie Mulian Opera and Sixian Yao Opera;

Traditional sports: Bengshan Liuhe Boxing, Taihe Tai Chi, Zhang’s Dahong Boxing, Niumen Hong Boxing;

Folk customs: Zhuangzi Worship Ceremony, Nanqiao Erlang Temple Fair, Quejiang River Dragon Boat Race.

Zhuangzi Worship Ceremony


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