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A Primary and Middle School Welcomes 17 Pairs of Twins

Pub Date:17-09-05 16:08 Source:People's Daily

A school in Nantong, east China’s Jiangsu province, welcomed 17 pairs of twins in the new semester and took a memorable group photo of them on the first day, thepaper.cn reported.

Among these twin students, 13 pairs are primary school students and another four pairs are middle school students.

They stood beside the campus statue inscribed with the school motto that encourages children to love school and become positive and kind-hearted people, said teacher Xu Yanxia.

Most of the newly-enrolled students are talented. Some twins played Latin dance, piano, taekwondo, and martial arts at the new school year opening ceremony. Some are good at chess too.

The ceremony was quite special, said Zhai Jinxia, mother of the twin brothers who played piano.

It is indeed a surprise to have so many twin students in the new semester, said Lu Hui, headmaster of the school. It is hoped they enjoy a happy and healthy school life here, become good examples for other students, and grow with their sisters or brothers together.

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