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New Roads, Buildings and Homes in Linquan County

Pub Date:17-05-27 14:46 Source:China Daily

New roads, buildings and homes for poor county

A farmer's three-wheeled vehicle rolled over on his way to sell grain in Linquan county, East China's Anhui province, on Nov 10, 2014. According to poverty eradication cadre Liu Mingli, these sorts of accidents used to occur from time to time due to the poor road conditions. [Photo by Liu Mingli/Provided to China Daily]

New roads, buildings and homes for poor county

May is wheat harvest season. The newly built 4-meter-wide cement road meets the villagers' travel needs. Villagers say they could only get 0.7 yuan (10 cents) per 500 grams of wheat from visiting merchants in the past. Now, they can sell the wheat for 1 yuan (15 cents) per 500g after the completion of the road in 2015. [Photo by Zhu Lixin/China Daily]

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