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"Anhui Troupes' Beijing Debut" Enchants the Capital

Pub Date: 15-04-29 11:15 Source: www.cnanhui.org

"Anhui Troupes' Beijing Debut', a drama telling the story of four Anhui Opera troupes staying in the capital Beijing offering performances to the public and contributing to the birth of Peking Opera, dubbed the quintessence of Chinese culture, was staged at the National Center for the Performing Arts of China in Beijing on Wednesday night.

The opera is part of a list of theatrical pieces played by Anhui Performing Arts Group (APAG)  in Beijing between April 10 and May 16. The event is launched by the provincial Publicity Department, the Department of Culture as well as the APAG in celebration of the 225th anniversary of four Anhui troupes bringing Anhui Opera, commonly known as Huiju, to the capital for the 80th birthday of the Qianlong Emperor (1711-1799).

Directed by Xu Qinna, a world-renowned Chinese opera director, the piece stars Wang Yushu, a successor of Huiju who has been rated as a national first-class actor. The cast includes Li Jun, a "Mei Lanfang Gold" winner working with Shanghai Peking Opera Troupe, and Huang Xinde, a senior Huangmei Opera performer.

"I got to know the origin of Peking Opera from the show, and I also found in it the inheritance of and the innovation in the traditional Anhui Opera," Zhang Lisheng said in delight after watching the show.

The audience included several senior government officials like Liu Qibao, a secretary of the Secretariat and the head of the Publicity Department of the Central Committee, vice cultural minister Xiang Zhaolun, and Cao Zhenghai, head of the Anhui provincial publicity department.


(By Zheng Weiling)


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