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Former migrant workers become company bosses

Pub Date: 14-01-07 08:17 Source: chinadaily.com.cn

Chen Xin, a migrant worker from a village in Shucheng county, Anhui province, has opened a company that produces and processes auto pillows at Baibang Pioneer Park, in the Yaohai district of Hefei, capital city.

"I never imagined I could become a boss. I was born in an ordinary rural family. I started to work without finishing my high school education. In the beginning, I worked as a construction worker in Zhejiang province and then I became a vendor, selling vegetables," Chen said. "However, I was not satisfied with my job."

At that time, Chen liked reading magazines about automobile accessories and thought the market had good prospects. "I noticed that the interior products of automobiles, especially auto pillows, were hot-selling products. So I had the idea of making auto pillows myself," he said.

After doing research, he found there was no company producing auto pillows in Anhui province and the related industry chain hadn't formed, so Chen and his wife decided to give his idea a try due to the potential business opportunity.

"I learned from the newspaper and television that Baibang Pioneer Park provides entrepreneurial opportunities for migrant workers and helps them start businesses. Then I connected with them. In January 2010, I entered into the park." Chen said with a smile.

Chen got a lot of support from the pioneer park. For instance, rent, water and electricity charges and the property management fee were reduced or exempted. He also obtained a loan from the government.

"Besides, the park gave us training about SYB (start your own business) and fire safety lectures, providing guidance about personnel management," Chen said.

Chen is one of the lucky migrant workers who have realized the dream of starting their own business.

The Baibang migrant workers' park came into use in December 2009, on an area of 6,000 square meters. There are eight enterprises established by migrant workers in the park, including machining, auto pillow production, clothing, electronic components production and assembly. The park has also created jobs for 310 migrant workers.

Liu Guoqing, the director of Baibang Pioneer Park, said "migrant workers can stay in the park for three years to run their business. We offer funding for their development." For instance, four enterprises were offered subsidized loans to a total amount of 1,050,000 yuan ($173,500)".

According to statistics from the Hefei human resource and social security bureau, Hefei has 32 migrant workers' pioneer parks, containing 158 enterprises, which provide employment for 7,077 workers.

Chen said he worries about the day he will leave the park and hopes for more assistance from the pioneer park to help migrant workers solve their employment issues.

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