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Anqing to Add Temporary Trains During Spring Festival Travel Rush

Pub Date: 13-01-23 10:30 Source: www.cnanhui.org

During Spring Festival Travel Rush, Anqing Railway Station will add 5 pairs of temporary trains and Anqingxi Railway Station will schedule 15 pairs.

5 pairs temporary trains to be scheduled by Anqing Railway Station are Anqing-Xi'an K708/K707, Anqing-Shanghai K8436/K8435 and Anqing-Beijingxi K1072/K1071,L70/L69 and L300/L299.

15 pairs from Anqingxi Railway Station are Guangzhoudong-Hefei K312/K311, Lianyungangdong-Nanchang K611/K612, Fuzhou-Hefei K322/K321, Dongguandong-Hefei K1030/K1029, Shenzhendong-Taizhou K92/K91, Shenzhenxi-Hefei K256/K255, Kunming-Ji'nan K492/K491, Anqing-Xi'an K708/K707, Anqing-Shanghai K8436/K8435, Anqing-Beijingxi K1072/K1071, L70/L69,L300/L299, Hefei-Guangzhoudong L489/L490 and Xuzhou-Guangzhoudong L782/L781.

(By Sha Qing)


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