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Urgent Need to Protect Huainan Worm

Pub Date: 10-07-26 17:15 Source: www.cnanhui.org

Residents in Huainan city, Anhui province usually describe their hometown as the cradle of  life on earth. Owing to the discovery of the fossil"Huainan Worm ", the city is well-renowned home and abroad, though the fossil proper is under bad protection.

In 1962, the whole world eyed the discovery of "Huainan Worm" in the city of Huainan. It is so far the the oldest multi-cellular creature fossil dating back to 740 million years ago. At the International Geological Meeting in Moscow in 1984, the time of life origin was advanced 200 million years from less than 600 million years ago put by Darwin, due to the finding of the fossil. The "Huainan Worm" is therefore crowned "the earliest ancestor of life on the earth."

At the foot of Mt. Bagongshan in Huainan, a trace fossil of the worm was found. "The government set up protection area after the discovery," said a local resident, "and the area was enclosed with a guardrail. It soon became one of the famous scenic spots."

However, the about 50-meter-long rail is gone for ages. The iron gate of the protection area is broken. It is said that everyone is now free to enter the area at will.

A pile of rubble is scattered below the western slope of the fossil coenosis. It fell from the fossil due to the weathering action.


(by Zheng Weiling)

Editor: Rita

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