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Anhui Native Selected as American Academician

Pub Date: 10-05-04 08:32 Source: www.anhuinews.com

Zhu Jiankang, an Anhui native from Funan county, was selected as American academician recently, learned by the reporter. Zhu is a famous biological professor in University of California,Riverside ( UCR).

"He called me and told this good news on April 27, and our whole family feels proud of his achievement" said Zhu Hongshan, the father of Zhu Jiankang.

According to Zhu Hongshan, Zhu Jiankang, born in 1967, the second child in the family, has an elder sister and two younger brothers and one younger sister. "He was very clever and diligent in childhood, he always ranked top in the tests" said Li Xiupin, Zhu Jiankang's mother, proudly. According to Li, Zhu Jiankang was good at every subject, never favoring one or some courses and neglecting others.

Zhu Jiankang was admitted with honors into Beijing Agricultural University ( China Agricultural University) in 1983.

In Zhu Hongshan's eyes, Zhu Jiankang is outgoing, even though he is busy with his research work, meanwhile, he has a lot of hobbies, such as martial arts. During his period in university, Zhu taught dozens of foreign students martial arts in a bid to subsidize his expenditure. Besides running a martial arts school, he also helped the professor translate the materials and served as security guard to earn money in an effort to finish his university schooling.

After his efforts, Zhu has become an authority in the field of biology now. Even he has become famous, he also pays close attention to the earth-shaking changes of the country. He always said " I should contribute to the country because the country has brought up me".

(By Sha Qing)

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