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Communications Department

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Major Responsibilities:

1. To implement the national strategies, guidelines and policies related to the development of communications and transportation, according to the requirements of economic and social development in Anhui Province, to study and draw up the strategies, policies and rules for the development of highway and waterway communications in the province and supervise their implementation.

2. According to the overall layout of national and provincial transportation development, to draw up the development planning, mid- and long-term plan and annual plan for the highway and waterway transportation sector in the province and supervise their implementation; to be responsible for statistics and data in the Provincial transportation sector.

3. To be responsible for the administration of highway and waterway transportation sector in the province; to cultivate and administrate transportation market, maintain fair competition in the highway and waterway transportation sector, guide the transportation sector in optimizing its structure for coordinated development; to be responsible for the cross-border transportation; to coordinate the transportation of major cargoes of national importance, and the transportation of cargoes and materials for emergency purposes.

4. To be responsible for the construction, maintenance and administration of transportation infrastructure in the province and levying of relevant fees and revenue and expenditure of thoroughfare in the province; to supervise the utilization of construction funds of transportation infrastructure; to organize the construction of key transportation projects; to be responsible for the supervision of the quality of fundamental transportation construction projects and for the administration of the quota of transportation project.

5. To be responsible for monitoring and inspecting waterway transportation safety and for the survey of vessels and facilities at sea, and for rescue and salvage, and telecommunication and navigation services for vessels; to administrate the industries of ship agency, ocean shipping tally, and dredging of navigation channels; to administrate the utilization of shorelines in the construction of ports and port facilities.

6. To be responsible for administration of automobile maintenance and repair markets, driving schools, driver training and passenger and cargo transport stations in the province; to be responsible for the administration of motor vehicle technology and the administration of the stations for checking and measuring the automobile functions.

7. To formulate and organize the implementation of science and technology policies and technology standards of communications and transportation; to organize the exploitation of major scientific and technological items of communications in the province, and promote technological improvement in the transportation sector.

8. To guide the reform of communications system in the province and the construction of a competent work force of transportation sector, and the cultural and ideological progress in the sector.

9. To be responsible for the management of personnel, labor, salary and institutional affairs of the Department, and organizations and institutions directly under its leadership; according to provisions, administrate the top leadership of these subordinate organizations and institutions.

10. To be responsible for improving the environment and conditions of highway and waterway transportation in the province; to issue orders for dispatching transportation vehicles in case of urgent and special transportation tasks such as flood control, drought prevention, emergency-handling, disaster relief, military actions and so on.

11. To be responsible for military preparation for transportation in the province.

12. To undertake other matters and other tasks assigned by the Provincial Government.

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