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Education Department

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Major Responsibilities:
1. To implement the Party and governments guidelines, policies, laws, rules and regulations concerning educational affairs; to draw up and enforce according to law the policies, rules, regulations and development plans concerning the provincial educational work.
2. To participate in formulating guidelines and policies of fund raising, financial allocation, capital construction and charge issue for educational purpose; to administrate provincial educational funds and basic constructions; to supervise the implementation and utilization of financial allocation for the purpose of education and the raising and utilization of other educational funds; to administrate the special educational funds allocated by the Central Government and educational aids and loans from abroad.
3. To be responsible for the supervision and evaluation of education; to conduct examination on educational quality; to guide the administration of student registration for schools at different levels.
4. To guide and supervise the high education, adult education, vocational education, primary education and preschool education; to organize and conduct the supervision and evaluation of the implementation of 9-year compulsory schooling and the eradication of illiteracy among young and mid-aged adults; to supervise and evaluate the operational standards of various secondary schools and schools lower than that level and other educational institutions; to provide guidance for educational reform.
5. To comprehensively plan the layout, restructuring and academic program establishment of institutions of higher learning and senior middle schools; to guide the layout and restructuring of primary and secondary schools in the province.
6. To plan and coordinate the major scientific research of educational system, to guide institutions of higher learning in the application, research and popularization of new hi-technology, in the transform of scientific and research achievements and in the efforts of combining industry, teaching and research; to coordinate and guide schools in the development of educational and teaching research; to be responsible for examining and approving the quality of teaching materials and reference materials; to be responsible for administrating education and collecting educational information.
7. To plan and direct the educational work for the national minorities, and to coordinate the educational support and aids to the minority areas.
8. To direct the work of ideology and political education, moral, physical, health, arts, and national defense education in schools of different categories.
9. To administer teacher management work in the province; to plan and organize the training of principals and teaching staff of schools at different levels; to study and draft qualification standards for teachers of various schools and guide the implementation; according to law, to make overall plans for teacher-education and administrative staff development.
10. To formulate and implement the program for recruitment system reform of higher education and secondary education; to formulate the recruitment plan of institutions of higher learning and secondary schools with planning departments and organize the implementation of the plan; to draft the employment policies for graduates of normal school students and organize the implementation; to be responsible for formulating the procedures for diploma-granting in adult institutions of higher learning; to be responsible for organization and implementation of national academic degree system.
11. To coordinate and direct the foreign affairs of educational system.
12. To be responsible for the administration of spoken and written Chinese in the province.
13. To plan and guide the work on the construction of CPC and united front in institutions of higher learning; to administrate and guide the construction of a competent leading group in institutions of higher learning.
14. To be responsible for examining and supervising the implementation of the Partys and national guidelines, policies, laws, rules and regulations by its affiliated public institutions, and to supervise the non-floating state-owned assets with relevant departments.
15. To undertake other work assigned by the provincial Party committee, the Provincial Government and higher departments; to examine and guide the administration of spoken and written Chinese of subordinate cities and counties.
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