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Provincial General Office

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Our major responsibilities are as follows:

1. To assist provincial government leaders in drafting or examining the documents promulgated by the provincial government or the general office of the provincial government.

2. To handle the documents reported to the provincial government and by various departments under the provincial government; according to the entrustment or the requirements of the provincial government, to coordinate the relevant works, and bring about disposal suggestions for provincial government leaders' approval.

3. According to the central work of the provincial government and the requirements of the leadership of the provincial government, to organize and participate in investigations, reflect situations timely and put forward proposals.

4. To supervise the departments of provincial government and municipal governments to implement the documents from the State Council and provincial government; the matters decided on the provincial government meetings, and the important instructions by the leadership of the provincial government; and to inspect the relevant situations, reflect situations in time, and to put forward suggestions.

5. To be responsible for making arrangements for the meetings called by the provincial government, and to assist the leadership of provincial government in organizing the implementation of matters decided on at the meetings.

6. To take charge of organizing important activities of provincial government and arranging important internal and external affairs for the leadership of provincial government.

7. To be responsible for the on-duty arrangement of the provincial government; to report important situations to the leadership of provincial government, and to assist the leadership of provincial government in organizing and handling the emergencies or fateful accidents that should be directly dealt with by provincial government.

8. To take charge of transacting the proposals and bills delivered by the People¡¯s Congress of China, the People¡¯s Political Consultative Conference of China, the People¡¯s Congress of Anhui Province, and the People¡¯s Political Consultative Conference of Anhui Province; to deal with the relevant matters reflected by people¡¯s letters and visits.

9. To undertake other matters assigned by the leadership of the Provincial Government.

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