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L Visa For Chinese Citizens'
2009-09-22 09:19 ¡¡ www.hfga.gov.cn ¡¡

I.Documents required£»

1.Valid passport and visa(copy included)£»

2.Registration receipt of lodging from hotel or local police station(copy included)£»

3Two recently taken 2-inch full-face color photograph(the background should be white)£»

4.ID card or certification of the local relative(copy included):

*Visiting residents of Chinese mainland, you should submit their ID card, permanent household register or temporary residence certificate£»

*Visiting oversea Chinese or residents from Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan, you should submit their travel documents and lodging certification for staying in Hangzhou over 6 months£»

*Visiting foreigners who permanently residing in China, you should submit their "Permanent Residence Card".

5.Certification for family relationship(copy included)£º

*Foreign spouse should submit certificate of marriage£»

*Foreign parents should submit certification for family relationship£»

*Foreign children should submit birth certificate or certification for family relationship£»

If the certification is produced by foreign organizations, it needs to be attested by Chinese oversea embassies or consulates.

6.Completed "Visa or Residence Permit Application Form"¡£

7.Others if necessary.

II.Time required: 5 working days

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